Top 19 Common Murphy Bed Questions Answered

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a great way to maximize space in any room. However, with all the new products on the market, people often have questions about Murphy beds. To help everyone make an informed decision, here are a few more common ones we come across while designing projects in the field. We are always happy to answer any murphy bed questions you may have.

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What do you make besides Murphy Wall Bed?

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As a Bienal Closets division, we are well-equipped to organize, renovate, and transform any space in your home. Our extensive product line includes built-in cabinets, home offices, entertainment centers, garages, bookshelves, and pantries, among other things.

Murphy bed questions
Modern murphy bed

How much does your Murphy Wall Bed cost?

Our prices vary significantly from project to project because our Murphy bed cabinets are custom designed to your specifications. You have control over your wall bed budget, and our designer will review your options with you during your free design consultation. The price will be determined by the Murphy bed mechanism, cabinet components, finishes, and embellishments you select.

Who is a Murphy Bed Right for?

In addition to offering extra sleeping space, a Murphy bed is an excellent option for those who want to free up space in their home and provide a pleasant stay for their guests. It is a good fit for anyone looking to free up space and provide a comfortable space for guests. Because of its versatility, a Murphy bed is also great for couples who want to host overnight guests and families who wish to an office or secondary area in their house. It is beneficial for just about everyone.

How experienced are your Murphy Wall Bed designers?

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Our designers are industry experts with extensive experience. When hired, they must complete a rigorous designer training program, bi-weekly training on new styles, products, and space planning options, in addition to their own experiences. Our goal is to keep them up to date on all that is new and innovative in custom wall beds, organization, and home renovation.

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Murphy beds with storage

Is a Murphy bed comfortable? What size and type of mattress will I need?

Murphy bed mattresses are built with a thick, 10″ or 11″ mattress supported by a door panel that serves as a box spring, providing the same amount of sleep as a conventional bed. You don’t have to suffer through a thin folding mattress with bars and lumps, usually found on a futon or sleeper sofa. When the bed is not being used, it is stored away, allowing you to utilize a craft area, home office, or workout area.

How long is the initial appointment?

Our design consultant will want to get a sense of your creative vision before showing you our product options, photographs of previous work, samples, and finishes. The design consultant will take a complete inventory of the items you wish to store and then work with you to create the ideal wall bed storage system to meet your requirements.

May I fax or email my murphy wall bed designs and get a price quote?

Yes, you can fax or email your designs to us, and we will provide you with a quote or price range for the project. However, we still recommend having a design consultant come to your home for a free design consultation to review your design and offer suggestions for potential improvements. Every designer sees a different set of possibilities. Not meeting with one may limit the number of ideas available for your space.

Does installing a wall bed mean I’ll lose wall space?

These cabinets were once used to conceal mattresses. As designers seek to maximize space, they are becoming more creative about how to create Murphy beds. They may no longer be folded against the wall as cabinets are used more and more to create clever storage solutions. Shelves, ledges, and drawers are now available on many Murphy beds so that the pull-down mattress may be surrounded by shelving and drawers. You can even build a Murphy bed with bookcases that open or pivot to reveal the bed. You can store bedding and other household items in these shelves and drawers, available around the pull-down mattress on the same wall.

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Consequently, you can use the same fence for additional sleeping and storage. The pull-down Murphy bed becomes a focal point for the room due to the bookcases that open or pivot. Apart from creating another sleeping area for guests, you are also making a beautiful piece of furniture that will be a focal point for the room.

Murphy bed questions
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Do you offer to finance for Murphy Wall Bed?

Yes, most locations offer to finance for your wall bed or custom cabinet system, but the options vary by location. For more information, please get in touch with our branch in your area. There are occasionally interest-free promotions available. When scheduling your appointment, it is best to inquire about the nearby location.

How long after the appointment can we get a murphy wall bed installation?

The average wait time ranges from 10 to 21 days. If the lead time is longer, you may have chosen custom finishing or unique accents and moldings that necessitate a longer wait. On the other hand, your installation dates are reserved at the purchase time.

Do you attach the unit to the wall?

We secure our Murphy beds and cabinets to the wall for your safety. This also allows us to use the border instead of the backing to provide the necessary structural rigidity.

How many days will it take for murphy wall bed to install my new system?

Most installations can be completed in one to three days. This will vary depending on the size of your room and the design elements you choose. When we schedule your installation date, we will inform you of the number of days required for your project.

Do you install the murphy bed before or after installing the new carpet?

Our Murphy bed systems can be installed before or after your new carpet is installed. It does not affect the functionality or appearance of the unit. We can install over the existing carpet, but wood flooring and tile should be installed before your new teams arrive.

Custom murphy bed design
Custom murphy bed design

What kind of wood do you use for the murphy bed?

Because we are a trustworthy custom manufacturer, we can use any wood. We prefer dimensionally stable board material that does not warp or crack to achieve the best results. As a substrate, we typically use industrial-grade particleboard. Melamine, wood veneer, or paint-grade finishes are available. We also have a full line of eco-friendly products.

How does murphy bed particle board compare to solid wood?


Particleboard is an excellent substrate for your Murphy bed system. Unlike solid wood, it is dimensionally stable and does not warp or crack over time. The resulting wall bed or built-in cabinet system is stylishly functional because the surface is finished with wood veneer or melamine in solid or wood tones.

Do you support your Murphy mattress Systems?

Freestanding systems rely on backing to provide structural rigidity and can be customized with various colors and finishes. Because our designs are attached to the wall, no license is usually required for your new Murphy bed system, either for structure or support. If used, it is generally for cosmetic reasons because it hides any imperfections in the wall and eliminates the need to paint.

What is the difference between a wall bed and a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed is both a type of wall bed and a brand. Numerous bed brands are available in various sizes and at different price points. To truly determine the best solution to match your vision, we highly suggest speaking with one of our design consultants for a complimentary consultation.

Do all Murphy beds need to be anchored to the wall?

The great thing about Murphy beds is that you can place them just about anywhere. You could attach it to the wall and move it around without too much trouble, or if there are no studs in your house, use air piston mechanisms to lift it into position!
Many people prefer these types since they don’t require fixing anything permanently – which means less hassle when moving apartments later down this road (or if life happens!).

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How high off the ground is a Murphy bed?

When it comes to the height of your Murphy bed, you’ll want something low enough for storage and comfortable sleeping. The average measures 8-12 inches, but this can vary depending on which manufacturer you buy from!

More Common Murphy Bed Questions

If you’re considering adding a Murphy bed to your home, you will likely have plenty of questions. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled and answered more common murphy bed questions:

What is the advantage of a Murphy bed?

The main advantage of a Murphy bed is that it helps maximize the available space in your home. With a traditional bed, you often sacrifice valuable room space and may not be able to arrange your furniture in aesthetically pleasing ways. With a Murphy bed, you can keep the area where it’s located free from clutter when the bed isn’t needed and put it away easily when you need more floor space.

Do Murphy beds have a weight limit?

Yes, Murphy beds do have a weight limit – most manufacturers recommend that the bed should not be used with any object or person weighing more than 250 pounds. While this may seem fairly low, keep in mind that the hinges and mechanisms of a Murphy bed are designed for everyday use over many years, so heavier loads could cause an excessive strain on the components.

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Additionally, when folded out of its upright position, a wall bed is left suspended from the wall by two metal posts; while these are generally robust enough to support someone up to 250 pounds without issue, it’s important to stay within stated weight limits if you want your Murphy Bed to last as long as possible.

What is the point of a Murphy bed?

The most obvious benefit of Murphy beds is their ability to free up floor space when not in use. By folding up the bed into its upright position against the wall, you can maximize your limited living space while keeping all of your bedroom necessities nearby—a great solution if you need some extra sleeping capacity but don’t have room to spare!

Additionally, murphy beds are very easy to move from one place to another – either by yourself or with help – since they come apart in two pieces: The mattress portion separately rests on top of the lower cabinet portion, which has legs attached (or casters). Heavier models may require more than one person to move them around due to weight variations.

Is a Murphy bed worth the cost?

Yes, a Murphy bed is definitely worth the cost. As any savvy consumer knows, it pays to invest in quality products that can provide long-lasting satisfaction and utility.

A Murphy bed is one such product—it offers physical comfort and space-saving convenience. Equipped with an adjustable frame that folds up against the wall, these beds allow users to use their limited living spaces better by freeing up floor areas when the bed isn’t being used. This makes them a particularly good choice for people living in smaller apartments or homes who may be looking for ways to maximize their interior space without sacrificing sleeping arrangements.

Do Murphy beds require special sheets?

Yes, Murphy beds require special sheets because they fold up vertically. Often, people find that a fitted or deep pocket sheet will not fit properly on a Murphy bed because it doesn’t stretch around the corners of the bed when it’s folded up. In this case, you’ll need to use flat sheets instead. It is also important to ensure that your sheets are made of breathable materials such as cotton.

If you want an extra layer between your mattress and sheet set, opt for mattress pads which can help with temperature regulation while sleeping.

Is a Murphy bed practical for everyday use?

The Murphy bed is an increasingly popular space-saving solution that can be used for everyday use. Not only does it provide additional floor space when not in use, but it also provides a comfortable sleeping surface with minimal effort.

The Murphy bed is designed to fold up into a wall or cabinet with the help of either gas pistons or torsion springs. This allows you to easily open and close the bed without having to lift it onto your mattress from another piece of furniture like a sofa or chair, which would be difficult and time-consuming. The mattress itself typically slides on top of the frame, which makes changing sheets much easier than laboring through traditional beds with attached frames and heavy mattresses.

Overall, if short on space but long on practicality needs, then investing in one could prove invaluable for everyday use—especially when you consider all its advantages: no need for bulky pieces of furniture eating up floor space during daytime hours, ease of opening/closing, etc.

I have limited storage space. Where can I store the pillows when the bed isn’t in use?  

Storing your pillows will be difficult if your closet is too tight or nonexistent. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. Instead of getting the standard Murphy panel bed (16″ deep), go for one with pillow box storage in the back. This unit is still a compact 19″ deep, but you won’t need to cram the pillows into an already cramped closet anymore.

Can I combine bookshelves, file cabinets, or a wardrobe closet with a Murphy bed designed for my wall space?

Due to the nature of Murphy beds (which are employed in small areas in lofts, micro-apartments, or stay-in guest bedrooms in single-family homes), there usually isn’t enough storage. As a result, custom-fitted organization systems are a wise decision. For example, file drawers or bookshelves may be installed on the sides of your bed if you’re designing a home office or guest room. You may hang your clothes in a wardrobe or compartment around a wall bed if you don’t have a closet.

Are wall beds hard to raise and lower?

Wall beds are easy to raise and lower due to springs being utilized. All you have to do is grab the handle and either raise or lower the bed.

Do Murphy beds damage the wall?

If you’re looking for a murphy bed that can be moved around without causing much damage, then wall-mounted units may fit your needs. These beds attach to studs and use an air piston lifting mechanism that raises the platform up or down
while providing support against fluctuations in flooring surfaces beneath its feet (elevated heights cannot always prevent these).

What is needed for a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed essentially requires a solid and sturdy frame, a quality mattress, and a reliable mechanism for raising and lowering the bed. It’s also important to have an appropriate wall space that can accommodate the bed when it’s folded up. While some people prefer to build their own frames, there are also many ready-made options available in the market.

How is a Murphy bed supported?

A Murphy bed is supported by a metal or wooden frame that is attached to the wall. This frame provides the necessary support when the bed is in use. Most Murphy beds also have legs that fold out from the frame, providing additional support when the bed is lowered. The lifting mechanism, which may be a spring or piston system, helps in counterbalancing the weight of the mattress and bedding, making it easier to lift and lower the bed.

Are Murphy beds comfortable for daily use?

Yes, Murphy beds can be very comfortable for daily use. The comfort level largely depends on the quality of the mattress used. Most Murphy beds can accommodate standard size mattresses, so you can choose a mattress that suits your personal comfort preferences. Additionally, because Murphy beds fold away when not in use, they can help keep your mattress in better condition for longer, as it’s not exposed to daily wear and tear.

How do Murphy beds stay up?

Murphy beds stay up due to a counterbalance system incorporated in their design. This system could be a set of springs or pistons, depending on the specific model of the bed. When the bed is lifted, these springs or pistons provide enough tension to hold the bed securely against the wall. The bed is then lowered by applying a small amount of pressure, which overcomes the tension in the springs or pistons.

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