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Our closet is fantastic! Staff did an excellent job developing it and modifying it with our desired revisions. She was pleasant to deal with and replied immediately to messages and phone calls. The installers were competent, efficient, and did an excellent job. Bienal Closets comes highly recommended.
Professional. Exceptional quality. My pantry is currently the most well-organized area of my home. The designer understood precisely what I needed and I couldn't be more pleased. And now everyone in my neighborhood is envious of my pantry.
Designer did an outstanding job of customizing two layouts to meet our specific requirements. She was precise in her descriptions and inquired about our space's requirements. Once she realized the closet would be shared by the two of us, she made maximum use of every square inch. Installation was completed flawlessly by Joseph. Very tidy, and meticulous in his attention to detail. It came out FANTASTIC! I would strongly advise you to have a bespoke closet constructed.
I'm so happy with my new closet! I had read reviews, blogs and other people's accounts before choosing Bienal Closets. It was based on quality that they were chosen to install in our home - which is why it made such a difference when Sarah from their team worked closely with me pre purchase about how best we could prepare for installation during closing process without sacrificing any deadlines or details whatsoever.!!
We're so happy with our new Bienal Walk-in Closet that we have no regrets! The team is super professional and the process was seamless. They took an image off my phone to create a design which has made us more efficient in using space, while also giving me some extra room as part of master bedroom closet system put together for us, I would definitely recommend calling these guys if you want something done right.!!
Bienal Closets was a dream to work with. They make it really easy to customize closets to your needs. It was really great to work with a designer on this to make sure we were getting exactly what was needed for the space. The installation process was also super smooth and easy. Definitely worth the price & would totally do it again if we had more space!!!!
Designer was a tremendous assistance. When we chatted on the phone, he assisted me on the site. He arrived on schedule for our house appointment. His suggestions for two closets that we enquired about were fantastic. We purchased one and intend to purchase another with him in the future. Additionally, the installation was really prompt. He was really conscientious with our new drywall in the closet, ensuring that everything was level and picking up any supplies. There was not a single shave or anything else untidy left behind from the work he accomplished. Bienal Closets has received wonderful ratings, and we will definitely hire them again!
I commissioned the design of a closet/storage unit for the area in our bathroom where the shower cubicle was removed. Designer did an excellent job designing the closet and was willing to work with me on any last-minute alterations. I forgot the installer's name, but he performed an excellent job as well. He was kind and did an excellent job cleaning up. Additionally, they were quite competitive in terms of pricing. I'll be reusing them when I redo some of the closets in my bedroom.
We were very impressed with the end result and how quickly everything was completed. In the past, we had had other closets done and they did not last. The fact that the Bienal team was so experienced helped us a lot. We would definitely recommend Room Addition to friends and family. We love our closet! It is certainly one of the most important rooms in the house. We needed storage for our clothing and our bed
It was the finest decision I ever made! I picked Bienal Closets after interviewing three other closet firms because of Sarah's design ideas. Four closets have been created and constructed for me. The drawer units in the children's and guest rooms are far safer than a dresser in the room. Sarah was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She listened to my ideas and made suggestions for improving the designs. I'm very happy that all of my closets now have drawers and a lot more useful room. I'm blown away by how professional and cautious everyone has been.
We put it off for a long time, but when our wire shelves fell apart for the second time, we knew it was time. We contacted Bienal Closets, and Suly came out and measured us, then presented us with a design concept based on our requirements. Suly was incredible. Our master bedroom closet and kitchen pantry were completed in three weeks by two young men who were courteous, thorough, and immaculate. The installation took an entire day, and the end product was stunning. We currently have so much storage that we haven't even finished filling all of the shelves. Our additional closets will be finished in the near future. On all levels, including pricing, I highly recommend this firm.
Bienal Closets transformed a modest bedroom into a dual-purpose office space. The consultant was really professional, knowledgeable, and receptive to our demands. The outcome was spectacular. With a three-wall wraparound including workstations, drawers, and shelves, the area really seemed bigger. Would not hesitate to suggest.
From start to finish, the procedure was simple and straightforward. Suly, our sales representative, was pleasant to work with and did not stress the subject or use high-pressure sales methods. He is someone we would suggest to everyone. There were countless options, styles, and other factors to choose when it came to the product itself (more than I could utilize). Bienal Closets is a company I would suggest for your closet and storage requirements.
Bienal Closets has provided me with gorgeous cabinets and shelves for the fourth time. A shoe shelf and tall storage cabinets in the garage, a clever tie/belt cabinet in the bedroom behind the door, an entire hallway of gorgeous floor to ceiling cabinets for my purses/shoes/sweaters/scarves and my husband's shoes/sweaters/hats & exercise clothes, and finally, floor to ceiling cabinets in the open basement stairwell for photo albums/HS & college yearbooks/and more photo albums!!! Bienal Closets always performs an excellent job of transforming these storage facilities into magnificent furnishings. They have a wide range of options as well as excellent salesmen and installers. When we need it again, I'm confident we'll come back for a fifth time!!
We had the nicest experience with our custom closets from start to finish. Suly designed an incredible place for us. He seamlessly combined what we want and required into a stunning design. Our installers were Joseph and Yigit. Their job was faultless. They left the closets in a better state than they found them. They arrived on time, were professional, and were excellent artisans. Bienal Closets and their crew come highly recommended.
This was our first experience with a closet...now I want to renovate our entire house! Suly was really professional, organized, and helpful in keeping us inside our budget. The guys did an excellent bespoke job on everything on our wish list. Despite the fact that this was a lesser assignment, I was treated like a VIP. Superb company, superb craftsmanship, and a skilled and pleasant sales representative. I would absolutely trust them with any big job, including a Christmas surprise as we did!! Thank you very much!!
From start to finish, it was an absolutely fantastic experience! My saleswoman was really patient and informed. The entire procedure was explained to me and proceeded just as expected. The installation was very professional and timely, and the guy did an excellent job! I am completely in love with my new closet system; it is all I hoped for and more! A++++
I am all praise for Bienal Closets! What a stress-free and perfect experience it was, I’m so glad to have connected with them. Right after my first meeting with them any and all concerns I had disappeared because they not only provided me with great solutions but also gave some amazing suggestions of their own. They worked with me from the beginning, step by step to ensure we find the perfect fit for my needs and that’s just what happened. I love how my closet look not just visually but the whole aesthetics and there are so many small and neat ideas that they incorporated into it that make things super convenient for me. I’m so happy with the end result!
A friend from the neighborhood had recommended Bienal Closets to us. To be honest I was spectacle at the beginning going in because it was such a big and difficult closet and I was worried what the turn out would look like. Annnd to say the least, I am extremely pleased with the end results. Even going through the whole process itself I was very satisfied. They really did take care of every detail and didn’t miss out on anything. I was so happy working with them. You really get your money’s worth. Actually before starting with Bienal Closets we had also gotten quotes from two other companies and we were really disappointed with the prices. Really seemed like numbers thrown here and there. We felt like with Bienal Closets we not only got a way lower quote but better product aswell. They have done two other houses in the neighborhood and I’m sure they would say the same about Bienal Closets.
I returned to the Bienal Closets for the fourth time to buy beautiful wardrobes and shelving. A shoe rack and tall storage cabinets in the garage, a nifty tie/belt cabinet in the back bedroom, a whole hallway of gorgeous floor-to-ceiling cabinets for my purses/shoes/sweaters/scarves & shoes/husband's sweaters/hats & sportswear, and lastly floor-to-ceiling cabinets in the open basement stairwell for photo albums/HS & college yearbooks/and more photo albums! Bienal Closets always does a precise and beautiful job of making these storage spaces look like classy furniture. They have so many options and great vendors and installers. I'm sure we'll be back for a 5th time next time we need it! Thanks much Suly and his friends.
Sarah is the most talented designer! She carefully considers our requirements before developing a design. After she displays the design, she goes through all of the details and why they are the way they are. She also makes changes on the fly if the initial design has to be tweaked slightly. We've worked with her three times already and couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship on the back end is really excellent. Sarah's concept is put into reality by highly skilled craftspeople. It was well worth the time and money!
Bienal Closets is unmatched! We particularly like working with our representative Sarah. The installation staff are prompt and professional. Except for your lovely closets, you would never know they were in your house! We adore our pantry, laundry room, bedroom closet, and Murphy bed in the guest room!
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