At Bienal Closets we make sure to give our customers the perfect storage space solutions, with the best of quality in mind and a vast variety of finishes and accessories to choose from. By providing a custom designed closet service we will make your vision come to life. With more than half a century of experience in the construction and furniture industry, we cater to the needs of our customers and work with experienced suppliers, architects, engineers and production experts in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

All you need to do is book a Free Consultation with us and we will take care of everything from there. You can request for a Virtual Design Consultation where one of our professional designers will connect with you online at the date and time available for you to select. If you live in Florida or Virginia, you can also request for an In-Home Design Consultation and meet with our experts in person.

Phase 1 – Consultation: First, we would need to get in touch to understand your closet request via consultation. A typical Virtual Consultation can take between 30-60 minutes, and an In-Home Consultation can go up to 90 minutes. This all depends on not only your decision making process but also on the number of rooms, the complexity of the project, and the size of your space. To have a better understanding of what we offer, you can download our catalog.

Phase 2 – Design: After your consultation, within 1-2 business days you will receive your project design with 3D image renderings and your quote. If the project is large and/or complex, this response period could take longer. You can speak with the designer about any changes you would like to make to your design.

Phase 3 – Ordering and Final Survey: Once you finalize the designs with our designer and give confirmation to move forward, you will need to make an initial payment to process the order. Once the payment is issued, our experts will visit you on an agreed date and time to take accurate measurements and will share this information with the design team.

Phase 4 – Production, Delivery and Installation: Your designs will then be forwarded to the production area and will be tracked by control specialists in the factory from start till finish for structural, functional and quality aspects. The lead time (from the start of production till delivery) can take between 8-10 weeks, and your closets will be delivered to your designated address on an agreed date and time and our installation team will assemble your new closets, handling and treating your home as their own. The installation is usually finished on the very same day, but can vary according to the complexity of the project.


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Our designers will work with you to create a design that fits your needs while staying in your budget. The pricing does vary depending on the size of the project, the finishes chosen, the accessories included and the overall design itself, although we can make the claim that we offer the most affordable custom closets when compared with the market. Our aim has always been to give reasonable prices without compromising the quality of the products.

Our design service, production, shipment, delivery and installation.

You can make changes to parts that are not fundamental to the overall design (such as adjustable shelves, rods, etc). Although please note that this affects both your quote and the lead time. You cannot however make any changes once the entire closet is produced, packaged and ready for shipment.

Yes, we offer a Price Match Guarantee. Please click here to be directed to view the details.

Yes, Bienal Closets is licensed and complies with the all requirements of the state it is located in.

Of course not, we do so much more! We can design and build any space in your home. A list of other spaces we specialize in are home offices, laundry rooms, garage systems, kids’ closets, entertainment center, wine bars, mudrooms, kitchen pantries, and wall beds. We also specialize in Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanities as well, to see more please click here.

Yes of course! With an extra fee you will be able to receive your orders earlier.


All of our closets are manufactured in Turkey and the US. Our main factory with a production and storage capacity of 400.000 square feet is located in the city of Antalya. Once your closets are carefully loaded and shipped, the duration from Turkey to the US port in Savannah, GA is only 4 weeks. This period is included in the total lead time and all costs and paperwork are handled by us.

For our closets we use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). We purchase this material from suppliers who are in compliance with safety regulations and can provide quality certificates if requested. MDF is a strong and durable material used in the furniture industry for both homes and hotel projects.

For a more technical explanation: MDF is an engineered wood made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into fine particles and fusing them together with wax and a resin binder under high pressure and heat. Since it is made from residuals, no extra trees are cut down making it an environmental-friendly material. Unlike Particle Boards (also known as Chipboard), MDF also allows us to assemble your units in the factory entirely for both quality inspection and test of functionality, and then disassemble for packaging, without leaving any mark or screw damages on your products.

For our finishes we have a wide variety of selections to choose from. Please click here to see all our door styles and their applicable finishes.

All our systems mount to the wall (except for units with Backers) to ensure that its safely installed. Some designs are Wall-Hung and some are Floor-Based. Our design consultant will walk through these options with you when designing your system.

Yes! Lighting really improves the look and functionality of a space. We offer puck lights, LED strip lights, illuminated shelves and rods.

Yes, you can purchase your own lighting and/or accessories separately. Please let the designer know of your decision. In the case of ordering your own handles, please share the model with us to make sure the holes are drilled in the correct places.

Our maximum standard is 108”, but if your space requires something higher, we are able to stack the units on top of the bottom units to make it work.

Our maximum standard is 36”. Anything above this standard is not advised to be made due to weight bearing and long-term usability issues.

Our minimum standard is 12” for a Showcase Closet (open closet with no doors), and 24” for a closet with doors.

Our maximum standard is 24” for a Single Door. Anything above this standard is not advised to be made due to weight bearing and long-term usability issues, and would need to be switched to a Double Door.

Our maximum standard is 36”. Anything above this standard is not advised to be made due to weight bearing and long-term usability issues.

This is a mechanism that is a part of the glides that we use. It allows for the drawers or shelves with glides to not slam shut. With just a soft push, they automatically close.

This is a mechanism (also known as Tip-On) used in closet doors and cabinet fronts that do not have handles, and can be opened by gently pushing on the surface.

Undermount Slides (also known as Glides) are the hardware mounted to the bottom side of a drawer. They offer more support than side mount drawer slides. Customers usually prefer undermount slides since the metal slide components are not visible like they are with side mount slides.


We do not recommend this. You will need professional installers to install the closets to avoid any harm to both the product and yourself. Our closets are custom designed and are not RTA (Ready-to-Assemble), meaning that it requires both experience and attention when installing the parts together and mounting onto your walls.

The installation is usually finished on the very same day, but can vary according to the complexity of the project.

The delivery and installation costs are included in your pricing.

Yes, and they would be provided with drawings and labels on the packages to indicate which part goes where. In this case notify us beforehand. Please note that using your own delivery and/or installation team will not result in a discount of your pricing and even though your products have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects, any damages made to the products by your delivery and/or installing team that needs replacing can only be made for a fee.

All original systems will need to be removed from the space where your new system will be installed. However, for a small fee, Bienal Closets also offers this service and will gladly do it for you.

You do not need to remove your carpet or tiles before installation. The Bienal designer will take these into consideration when designing your space for you.


Unfortunately, we do not offer returns since our products are uniquely made for you. However, if in any way you are unsatisfied with what you received, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help you out.

Yes, our products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for first users. The warranty for the accessories used in your closets concern the provider. Please click here for more details.