6 Murphy Bed Safety Tips: How to Avoid Accidents and Injuries with Murphy Bed Safety

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Murphy beds (wall beds or hide-away beds) are a great way to save space in your bedroom, apartment, or other sleeping areas with limited space.

But how secure are Murphy beds? Is Murphy bed safety important?

Murphy beds are relatively safe – when installed and used properly, it is highly unlikely that a Murphy bed will kill, injure, or trap you. When lowering or raising the bed, the most dangerous aspect of using a Murphy bed is trapping your fingers, hands, or toes in the pinch points around the hinges, frame, or legs.

A Murphy bed may thus be a good option if you want to save space while avoiding additional risks.

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The rest of this article will cover the six most important safety precautions to take when purchasing, installing and using a Murphy bed.

Carefully Follow All Instructions or Hire Competent Installers

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Following instructions is important

Murphy beds carry inherent safety risks due to their hardware and mechanisms. As such, it is imperative that murphy bed owners carefully follow all installation instructions or consider hiring a competent installer.

Carefully following the instruction manual ensures that the murphy bed has been installed as safely as possible. Hiring a professional is also beneficial in ensuring murphy beds are properly secured; if murphy beds are not securely mounted, there is a greater risk of injury or damage to property. Therefore, with proper care and adherence to instructions, installing murphy beds can be safe for everybody involved.

Can A Murphy Bed Kill You in a Freak Accident?

A murphy bed inside of a room that has wall storage and full of storage units
Can murphy beds cause an accident

Murphy beds, a type of fold-out bed popularized in the early 20th century, have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. But when it comes to murphy bed safety, should you be worried about death by murphy bed? First off, murphy beds are designed with safety in mind. For the bed to fold up and out of the wall, there are usually pantograph or counterbalancing mechanisms that prevent accidental murphy bed collapses.

There is an extremely low risk of a murphy bed flipping over or crushing someone. However, it is important for murphy beds to be installed and maintained correctly to ensure optimal safety. Regular inspections and regular maintenance of all components should be observed by property owners who are using murphy beds in their homes. It is essential to ensure often that all parts are secure and functioning as intended. Doing this ensures that murphy bed-related incidents remain rare to nonexistent.

6 Murphy Bed Safety Tips

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Safety instructions for murphy beds
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So, how do you ensure that the Murphy bed you intend to use is safe?

To buy and use a Murphy bed safely, buy from a reputable manufacturer who uses high-quality parts, consider a Murphy bed with a hydraulic lift mechanism, have the bed professionally installed, be aware of pinch points during operation, use the safety locks, and purchase a compatible mattress.

More information is provided below:

1: Buy a High-Quality Murphy Bed

White modern murphy bed with windows above it
High quality murphy beds

The most important step you can take to ensure that you are purchasing a safe Murphy bed is to select a reputable manufacturer that uses high-quality parts and materials to prevent defects and mechanical issues.

2: Have a Professional Install Your Murphy Bed

To ensure that your Murphy bed is as safe as possible, consider having a trained professional install it to ensure that it has been assembled correctly and to reduce the risk of safety issues caused by improper construction.

Proper assembly, for example, can help to ensure that the bed does not fall on its own, put strain on the fixtures, or damages the wall to which it is attached.

Having someone who knows what they’re doing, in particular, can help to prevent gaps from forming between the frame and the floor due to improper attachment to the wall (typically due to the frame being attached too high up) – which can damage both the bed and the wall due to shearing forces that arise each time you place your weight on the bed.


Proper wall attachment is also necessary to prevent the bed from falling in the upright position due to loose fixtures.

If the company does not provide white glove delivery, you may want to enlist the assistance of a DIY expert to assist you in putting the bed together with greater confidence.

If neither option is viable, you should carefully follow the assembly instructions to ensure that your finished wall bed is safe and sturdy.

You may also want to purchase a stud finder to determine the most secure location to attach your Murphy bed to the wall.

3: Watch Out For Pinch Points Murphy Bed

White folded murphy bed in front of a wall cabinet
Consider pinch point safety

The most dangerous aspect of a Murphy bed is getting your fingers and other appendages trapped in the pinch points located at the hinges, along the frame as the bed folds into the upright position, and under the bed’s legs as it folds down.

Children, pets, other objects in your bedroom, and clothing items may also become trapped in the pinch points of your Murphy bed.

To avoid the dangers of pinch points, take extra care when raising and lowering the bed, remove children and pets from the room, and double-check that there are no other items of furniture in the Murphy bed’s movement path.

4: Choose a Hydraulic Lift Mechanism for Murphy Bed

A large white sheet and brown pillow bed in a bedroom
Lift mechanisms for murphy beds

Choosing a Murphy bed with a hydraulic lift mechanism keeps the frame from falling from the upright position, and the pistons can also assist in lifting the bed into the upright position.

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On the other hand, Murphy beds with hydraulic mechanisms are typically much more expensive than those without.

So, if you want to save money by not using a hydraulic mechanism, you should take extra care when lowering the bed and fastening the safety locks to ensure that the bed doesn’t fall with full force – although many non-hydraulic, hinged Murphy beds will resist free falling due to the spring tension that counteracts the effects of gravity.

If you aren’t very strong, you may need to enlist the assistance of another person to lift the bed into the upright position, as you won’t be able to use the pistons’ assistance.

5: Use Safety Locks in The Murphy Beds

All high-quality Murphy beds include safety locks that allow the bed to be locked upright to prevent it from falling over.

Safety locks are especially important for Murphy beds that lack a hydraulic lift mechanism or taught spring hinges, as they can fall more quickly due to the lack of a gravitational counterforce.

6: Buy a Compatible Mattress Under 12 Inches Thick

A large be in a small white room with a window
Decide your mattress thickness

To avoid straining your Murphy bed’s joints and hinges in the folded-up position and to reduce the possibility of the bed becoming damaged, make sure you buy a mattress that is compatible with your Murphy bed.

Most Murphy beds will not accommodate a mattress thicker than 12 or 13 inches – before purchasing, double-check the product description and specifications for clarification.

Check to see if you can fold the bed with the duvet, comforter, pillows, and/or bed sheets still in place – some will, but many will not.

Overfilling the mattress space with bedding may prevent you from locking the Murphy bed in the upright position or place undue strain on the hinges when forcibly closed.

Murphy Beds Are Relatively Safe

Murphy bed in a room with dark wooden wall cabinets with open shelves
Murphy beds are safe

Although there have been a few isolated incidents where people have been killed by a Murphy bed, modern Murphy beds are extremely safe when properly installed, properly maintained, and used with caution.

Murphy Beds offer a unique and ingenious way to maximize space and provide a multi-functional living space. For those considering one for their homes, rest assured that murphy beds are relatively safe. Because murphy beds extend from the wall, there are no heavy parts hanging above you, and worry of them crashing mid-sleep is eliminated. Furthermore, murphy bed frames have been designed with safety in mind, meaning any potential mechanical issues can be easily avoided. In conclusion, murphy beds provide a great resource to homes while providing a layer of safety that most other bed options don’t.

If Something Goes Wrong, Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself – Call a Professional Instead

When it comes to murphy bed safety, forgoing professional help can be a costly mistake. Trying to fix something yourself when you do not have the proper training or tools is risky and could lead to severe injury, especially if regular checks and maintenance procedures are forgotten. Therefore, it is best to call a professional who knows what they are doing, as they will have the proper knowledge and expertise. Not only that, but they also have access to the fitting spare parts, allowing them to solve murphy bed problems quickly and efficiently. Why take the risk? A phone call can save time, hassle, effort – and money in the long run!

Common Murphy Bed Safety Questions

The following are succinct answers to the most frequently asked Murphy bed safety and comfort questions:

Can a Murphy bed kill you?

A Murphy bed has the potential to kill you. There have been a few isolated cases of people dying due to being suffocated or crushed inside a Murphy bed, with intoxication and improper installation being the primary causes. A properly assembled Murphy bed, on the other hand, has a very low chance of killing you.

Will a Murphy bed fold up and trap you?

Due to the amount of weight placed on the bed relative to the counterforce generated by the pistons or hinges, it is highly unlikely that a properly installed modern Murphy bed will fold up with you inside it.

Will a Murphy bed drop down suddenly?

A Murphy bed may collapse from its upright position if it lacks a hydraulic system or a strong hinge mechanism, both of which most modern Murphy beds thankfully have.

What are the most common Murphy bed accidents?

The most common Murphy bed accidents involve people getting their fingers, hands, and toes trapped in the pinch points around the hinges and where the bed frame folds up – make sure these areas are clear when lowering and raising the bed to avoid injury.

Are Murphy beds comfortable?

Murphy beds are just as comfortable as any other type of bed when set up correctly and used in conjunction with a mattress well suited to your dominant sleeping position, style, and body weight.

Do Murphy beds break?

Murphy beds can be as durable and long-lasting as any other bed type. Even the oldest known Murphy bed is over 100 years old! However, like any other piece of furniture that moves or has moving parts, Murphy beds have the potential to break if not handled with care. To ensure your Murphy bed lasts a long time, it is important to properly install the frame and ensure screws are tight in order for it to stay structurally sound.

It is also important to keep an eye on mechanical components such as springs or hinges for wear and tear and replace them when necessary. Finally, always take care when folding up and unfolding your Murphy bed; jerking motions can cause damage. With proper use and maintenance, you will find that a well-made Murphy bed can last for many years without breaking down.

How much weight can a Murphy bed hold?

The weight a Murphy bed can hold will vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. Most modern Murphy beds have been designed to support up to 350 pounds, although some may be able to accommodate more or less weight. To ensure your safety and that of your Murphy bed, it’s important to always adhere to the maximum weight capacity specified by the manufacturer and follow their installation instructions closely.

What is the advantage of a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed offers several advantages that make it ideal for small spaces or homes with multi-functional rooms like home offices or guest bedrooms.

Murphy beds help maximize space by folding up into the wall when not in use, creating extra floor space without sacrificing usable sleeping accommodation. This makes them particularly beneficial for people living in cramped quarters, such as city apartments and studio flats – where square footage can be scarce and every inch counts! The modern version of this foldaway bed often includes built-in storage compartments within the frame itself, from shelving units to cabinets and even side tables – which are invaluable for conserving the room while still holding all your belongings at hand’s reach.

Also adding to its functionality is its ease of use; both electric versions and manual lift systems come with automated mechanisms which allow you to open/close your bed with minimal effort. With just one push of a button or tug on a handle, the entire unit will seamlessly transform from a bedroom suite into a family room. Additionally, most styles do not need additional box springs due to their integrated mechanism & mattress support system – making it an efficient sleep solution overall.

Are Murphy Beds Safe?

Yes, Murphy beds are safe when installed and used correctly. They are designed with mechanisms like counterbalances, pistons, and locking systems to ensure that the bed remains stable and secure when in use. To maintain safety, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation, weight limits, and routine maintenance.

Are Murphy Beds Secured to the Wall?

Murphy beds are securely attached to the wall using a mounting system that typically includes brackets, bolts, and screws. This installation method provides stability and ensures that the bed does not topple over when in use. It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the appropriate hardware for your specific wall type to ensure a secure installation.

Can You Leave a Murphy Bed Down?

Yes, you can leave a Murphy bed down for extended periods if you wish. However, it is designed to be folded up when not in use to save space. If you plan to use the bed regularly, there’s no issue in keeping it down. Just make sure to keep the surrounding area clear and free of obstructions to avoid accidents or damage to the bed.

How Are Mattresses Secured on a Murphy Bed?

Mattresses on Murphy beds are secured using straps or retention bars that hold the mattress in place when the bed is folded up. These restraints prevent the mattress from slipping or falling out when the bed is in its upright position. When selecting a mattress for your Murphy bed, ensure that it meets the manufacturer’s recommended thickness and weight specifications to ensure proper fit and function.

How Safe is a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds are generally safe when installed and used correctly. They are designed with mechanisms that prevent them from folding up against the wall when in use. However, like any piece of furniture, safety also depends on the quality of the product and proper maintenance.

How Do You Make a Murphy Bed Safe?

To ensure a Murphy bed’s safety, begin by purchasing a high-quality bed from a reputable source. Proper installation is crucial, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions or hire a professional. Regularly check the bed’s mechanisms for any wear or damage, and don’t overload the bed with too heavy a mattress or too many pillows and blankets. Always make sure the bed is fully locked in position when it’s up or down.

How are Murphy Beds Secured?

Murphy beds are secured to the wall using mounting brackets and hardware included with the bed. The bed frame is typically attached to a spring or piston lifting mechanism that balances the weight of the bed and allows it to be raised and lowered smoothly and safely.

How Do I Keep My Murphy Bed from Falling Down?

To keep your Murphy bed from falling down, ensure that it’s properly installed and that the locking mechanism is engaged when the bed is in the upright position. Regularly inspect the bed’s hardware for any signs of wear or damage that could affect its stability.

Do Murphy Beds Break Easily?

Murphy beds do not break easily if they are made from high-quality materials and properly maintained. However, like any piece of furniture, they can suffer damage over time if they are mishandled or excessively overloaded. Regular inspections can help detect any potential issues early.

Are Murphy Beds Safe for Kids?

While Murphy beds are generally safe, they should not be operated by children without adult supervision. The beds can be heavy and difficult to lift or lower, posing a potential risk. It’s essential to teach children to use the bed safely and ensure they understand not to play or hang on it when it’s in the upright position.

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