How Does Exactly a Pantry Add Value To a Home? Learn How

walk-in and is usually found in the kitchen.

A pantry or butler’s pantry will increase the value of your home. Storage space has become an essential feature in homes in recent years, and experts agree that 50-75 percent of the cost of building the pantry can be added to the value of your home. However, the amount a pantry adds to your home’s value is determined by your home’s price and the type of pantry you have.

If you’re considering installing a pantry, you should know if it’s a good investment, and we’ll review all the benefits and drawbacks. So read on to find out everything you need to know!

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What is a decent size pantry?

Sixty inches is a minimum for a smaller pantry with storage on one side. A 76-inch pantry with storage on both sides should have at least a 27-inch deep corner walk-in pantry with a 45-degree angle doorway.

Pantries Add Value

Buyers see the convenience of having a pantry in your home as an asset. With so many people buying groceries and other supplies on the regular, it’s essential to have extra storage for all those items you’ll need throughout winter – from protein bars or beef jerky (for when things get terrible) right down through necessities like flour and sugar!
A well-stocked kitchen cabinet can make any house seem more welcoming; guests will be impressed if they see fresh fruit available at anytime day/night without needing to ask because everyone knows what good cooking tastes likes…but only until someone opens up their refrigerator door.

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If you don’t have a pantry and feel like you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen, you could consider installing one. It will not only make your kitchen more functional, but it will also potentially increase the value of your home.

Pantry add value to your home
Pantry add value to your home

Types Of Pantries

So you’re probably wondering, what exactly is a pantry? Many people use the term “pantry” to refer to a cabinet where you store food, but a pantry is a closet or room that holds more than just food. It can also store dishware, paper goods, and other kitchen items. Many pantries are walk-in, but others are as small as a linen closet.

Pantry Closet

A pantry closet is a closet in the kitchen that is not a walk-in closet . It usually features a single row of shelves and some storage space underneath. They provide less storage space than a walk-in pantry, but they’re still worth considering if you live in a small home with little room.

Walk-In Pantry

Perfect walk-in pantry
Walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantries are a great way to maximize your kitchen’s storage space. They’re typically located near the rear or side of an open layout. They can serve as botnet organizations for all those pesky dishes sitting on tabletops at home. A walk-in closet-sized refrigerator will keep food fresher longer than one that takes up extra countertop real estate; plus, you’ll have more room left over just waiting around looking pretty…
A quick search online shows there is no shortage when finding high-quality products available these days with many different styles, from sleek modern ones right down old fashion charm crafted efficiently yet beautifully made.

A single person requires at least 36” of walking space to fit into a pantry, but you can still use even the smallest pantries effectively.

How wide should the walk-in pantry be?

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A butler’s pantry is used to get from one point to another, and storage should not obstruct the passage. A walk-through pantry with storage on both sides must be at least 60 inches wide and 76 inches wide if the aisle is 44 inches wide.

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What is the difference between a walk-in pantry and a butler’s pantry?

A walk-in pantry and a butler’s kitchen are very different things. … A butler’s pantry usually includes some kitchen functionality, such as a dedicated area to use a coffee machine, microwave, or extra sink alongside a benchtop for food preparation.

Pantry Closet

A pantry closet is a small closet that is not walk-in and is usually found in the kitchen. It usually consists of several shelves in a row with some storage space on the floor. These pantries don’t have as much storage as walk-in ones, but they’re helpful, especially if you live in a small house.

Walk-in and is usually found in the kitchen.
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Butler’s Pantry

So you want to know about butlers’ pantries? Well, this is something that not many people are familiar with because it is commonly found in older homes. A Butlers Pantry, like any other ordinary pantry, would be used for storage and strategically placed between the kitchen area where all of your cooking takes place while also serving food on its own when necessary by using these counters as an eating space too!

Butler’s pantries were once used to store china and silver, but they’re making a comeback as a valuable addition to your kitchen. Butler’s pantries have counter space and are ideal for storing countertop appliances and serving as food prep areas. Adding a butler’s pantry to your home design can add value because of its storage and space.

Pantry add value
Open pantry

How much will pantries cost?

The cost of installing a pantry varies. According to the experts, it can cost anywhere between $700 and $5,000, depending on the type of pantry you build, size, and available space.

If you’re looking to add a room or knock down walls in your home, be sure that the new space is going along with all those updates. You’ll also want an updated electrical panel and proper ventilation for any added insulation; not only does this cost money, but it can create more work when it comes time to restore everything back-to-normal after installation!
The price range will depend on which option(s) are being done – from reclaiming yard space to rewiring homes etc., as well as what kind of permits may be needed by city/county authorities before starting construction.

Black and glass pantry drawers
Pantry drawers

How Much Value Pantry Will It Add?


The value of a pantry is challenging to estimate, but some estimates range from 50-75%. The reason for this uncertainty lies in how different people will utilize their space and what they need. Regardless of your specific needs or wants when it comes down to selecting furniture pieces, if you wish to have them fulfilled by an organized system where everything has its place, then picking up one more thing on top of all those already stocked shelves could not hurt!

Your pantry should be an extension of your home. And keep in mind that it’s not just about the resale value. A pantry will also improve your living experience while you are at home. Most designers advise keeping your pantry in line with the rest of your home–don’t build an elaborate pantry on a modest home because you won’t recoup much of your investment.

Is A Walk-In Pantry Worth It?

Walk-in pantries are an excellent addition to any home because they provide a separate space in the kitchen for storing food and other kitchen supplies. If it’s a feature you want for your convenience, it’s unquestionably worthwhile to include it. The fact that it raises the value of your home is just a bonus.

Kitchen Interior Design reports that people are increasingly looking to purchase goods in bulk and store supplies. According to the experts, this is because most of us like having enough space for our household’s needs; it can’t hurt, right? If you’re considering adding a pantry or closet near your kitchen, there might be some benefits worth considering! Not only will these rooms make life easier by giving you easy access when cooking at home, but they also provide additional storage, which could increase its sale price significantly – I bet many homeowners would appreciate such an addition too.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Butler’s Pantry?

Butler’s pantries require a little more planning than regular pantries because they are a room rather than a closet. The cost of a butler’s pantry will vary depending on the size of your existing space and how luxurious you want it to be. The price can typically begin at around $2,000 and rise from there.

Wooden pantry shelves
Pantry shelves

Is A Butler’s Pantry Worth It?

Butler’s pantries are the perfect idea for those who entertain often and need more storage than just their dishes. They’re also beneficial to families with separate food prep areas in the kitchen, yet still have ample room inside this butler’s closet-like space where they can keep all of these necessary items easily accessible without taking up valuable countertop real estate or having an overpriced vertically integrated (and typically underperforming) appliance sitting on top shelves waiting until it becomes handy again!

A butler’s pantry takes up more space than a regular pantry, so it’s usually something you’d want to add if you have a larger home. However, if you have the area for one and believe it will be helpful for your family and lifestyle, it is well worth the investment.

While it may not be something you see daily in modern homes, extra storage space is always a plus in resale value, particularly in high-end homes.

How Much Does It Cost To Redo A Pantry?

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If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your pantry, many ways can be affordable. The remodeling will depend on the size and contents in each case, but no matter what, it is worth considering investing some money into updating this vital room!

New shelving can set you back around $500. If you want to add some cute bins to your pantry, they will cost between $30 and $50. New paint color is a great way to refresh a pantry; painting a small space will only cost you about $20- $40.

Pantry Perks

Not only does adding a pantry to your home increase the value of your property, but it also gives you more space for cooking! It may seem like an overwhelming task at first; however, with these three easy steps, we can make this happen quickly and without much effort.

Add a Pantry to Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

Does the pantry add value to your kitchen? Of course! Adding a pantry to your kitchen is a great way to upgrade your kitchen storage. A well-organized pantry can make finding and organizing your most commonly used ingredients, tools, and snacks much easier. From canned goods and spices to flour, sugar, and cooking utensils, a pantry allows you to store and organize everything in one place. Plus, with the help of convenient shelving, you can keep your pantry neat and organized and make the most of the space.

When purchasing a pantry, consider the size, material, and design. Look for a large pantry to accommodate all the items you need to store, and choose one made of wood, metal, or plastic, depending on your needs. Additionally, pay attention to interior design. Pantries typically come with either built-in or adjustable shelving, and you should select a design that makes it easy to find and access items.

Once you’ve chosen your pantry, you can maximize your storage space and increase efficiency in the kitchen. With a pantry, you can easily keep all your ingredients, tools, and appliances organized and within reach. And if you’re looking for additional ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, a pantry can add a touch of style and sophistication to any space.

Do pantry add value
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Add Functional Features For Pantry

Add LED lighting

Use LED light strips under the shelves and motion-activated lights overhead for visibility and style.

Install an insulated door

50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature range for dry food storage. Keep your pantry cool and ingredients fresh with an insulated door.

How much value does a walk-in pantry add?

The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) and the National Realtors estimate that homeowners can expect to recoup anywhere from 52% -67%.

Should the pantry door open in or out?

It isn’t easy to find items stored in the pantry kitchen. Instead, choose a pantry door that swings outward into the kitchen. If you add an inward-opening pantry door, it will be tough to get to the items stored behind it. This also reduces the number of things you can keep in your pantry.

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Why is having a pantry essential?

The pantry is the perfect place to store your food and cooking items. With an organized space, you can meal prep more efficiently by holding different meals in groups according to their nutritional value so that when it’s time for dinner or lunch, everyone has what they need without too much excess equipment! Not only does this save money on groceries, but it also cuts down cleaning times because there isn’t as much dirt everywhere, which means less hassle preparing meals one at a time instead of just throwing something together quickly while trying not to get distracted with other tasks throughout

How do I maximize small pantry space?

Install swing-out shelving kits and dispensers for canned foods. …Install hanging under-shelf storage baskets. …Install shelf dividers. …Save space with stackable wire baskets. …Use an over-the-door storage shelf. …Make room for slim, compact drawers.

Why is having a pantry important?

Having a pantry is an important part of maintaining a well-organized and efficient home. With pantries, we can ensure that all of our food storage and preparation needs are taken care of in one place.

There are many advantages to having a pantry in the home:

  1. It helps keep foods organized and out of sight when not used, eliminating clutter from kitchens or other living spaces.
  2. Pantries provide convenient access to food items so that meals can be prepared quickly without having to search for ingredients throughout the entire kitchen or house.
  3. They also help conserve space for appliances and cooking tools, leaving more counter space available for meal prep and activities like baking with kids.

What is the best type of pantry?

Pantries are a great way to have your kitchen and pantry goods handy without wasting valuable space in the central area. It’s like having an extension of yourself that can be closed off from others during parties or other large gatherings- perfect for storing all those extra items you don’t need but might want later!

Is it worth having a pantry?

A well-organized pantry makes it easy to find what food item or kitchen tool is needed without taking up counter space. Walk-in closets come at the cost of being farther away from your cooking area than if they were installed in an open location, but this does not mean that these aren’t worth considering for people with limited storage capacity!

Where is the best place to put a pantry?

The best pantries are not just found in single closets but rather next to the fridge or range. You may have convinced yourself that your space needs only be one large cabinet when really you can create more than one small nook for different food items if it suits your household’s needs better!

What is the purpose of a pantry in a house?

A pantry is where food and appliance items are stored. From jars of pasta and bottled sauces to an integrated coffee machine, jars of pasta and bottled sauces can be stored in a pantry.

How important is a pantry in a kitchen?

Having a pantry in your kitchen is essential for any aspiring home chef. It helps you to stay organized, reduce food waste, and enjoy a more efficient cooking experience.

A well-stocked pantry is the backbone of modern meal planning and such an important tool for creating delicious dishes that it can be hard to imagine a kitchen without one! It allows you to store crucial items like grains, flour, dried beans, nuts, pasta, and rice, as well as canned goods foods that can save time on busy weeknights when there’s not much time to prepare dinner from scratch. With these basics at your fingertips, you can whip up almost any dish with ease — plus avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store (and all those impulse buys).

Does Butlers Pantry Add Value?

A butler’s pantry can indeed add value to a home, as it enhances the overall functionality and aesthetics of the property. It provides additional storage, workspace, and convenience for homeowners, making the kitchen and dining areas more efficient and enjoyable. Potential buyers often view butler’s pantries as a desirable feature, which can increase the property’s appeal and market value.

Can You Add a Pantry to a House?

Yes, you can add a pantry to a house if space permits. It may involve converting an unused closet, alcove, or corner into a dedicated pantry area. Alternatively, you can build an extension or create a custom pantry by adding cabinetry and shelving to an existing space. Planning and design are crucial to ensure that the new pantry complements the home’s layout and meets your storage needs.

Is It Good to Have a Pantry?

Having a pantry is beneficial for several reasons. A well-organized pantry allows for ample storage of food items, kitchen appliances, and supplies, keeping your kitchen clutter-free and functional. It also helps streamline meal preparation, as ingredients and tools are easily accessible. Additionally, a pantry can save time and money by enabling you to buy non-perishable items in bulk and store them efficiently.

What Is the Purpose of a Pantry?

The primary purpose of a pantry is to provide centralized storage for food items, kitchen tools, and supplies. It helps keep the kitchen organized and efficient, making meal preparation and clean-up easier. A pantry can also serve as a designated area for entertaining, with space for serving dishes, glassware, and beverages.

Are Butlers Pantries Still Popular?

Butler’s pantries continue to be popular among homeowners, as they offer both practicality and luxury. They provide additional storage and workspace, making the kitchen more functional and less cluttered. Furthermore, a well-designed butler’s pantry can enhance the home’s aesthetic appeal, creating an elegant and sophisticated space for entertaining guests.

How Important is a Pantry?

A pantry is a crucial part of any kitchen; it serves as the primary storage area for food, ingredients, and sometimes even cookware and kitchen appliances. Having a well-organized pantry can streamline meal preparation, reduce food waste by ensuring items are used before they expire, and save money by preventing over-purchasing. In essence, a pantry helps to keep your kitchen functional and efficient.

How Do You Upgrade a Pantry?

Upgrading a pantry involves improving its functionality and appearance. Start by decluttering and removing any items that are expired or no longer needed. Then, invest in good-quality shelving that fits your space and needs. You might also consider adding lighting to make it easier to find items. Use clear, labeled containers for dry goods to keep them fresh and easily identifiable. Lastly, consider the aesthetics – paint the walls a light color to brighten the space, and maybe even add some decorative elements that reflect your personal style.

How Do You Make a Good Pantry?

Creating a good pantry involves careful planning and organization. Here are a few steps:

  1. Evaluate your needs: Think about what you typically store in your pantry and plan your space accordingly.
  2. Choose the right location: If possible, your pantry should be close to your food preparation area for convenience.
  3. Install appropriate shelving: Adjustable shelves are a great option as they can be customized to fit items of various sizes.
  4. Organize wisely: Group similar items together, such as baking ingredients or canned goods. Use clear containers for bulk items and don’t forget to label everything.
  5. Maintain it: Regularly go through your pantry to remove expired items and add things you’re running low on to your shopping list.

What are the Benefits of a Local Food Pantry?

Local food pantries play a crucial role in community support by providing free or low-cost food to those in need. This helps to alleviate hunger and food insecurity. Additionally, they often source food locally, which supports local farmers and promotes sustainability. For those who donate to the pantry, it’s an opportunity to give back to the community and help those less fortunate.

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