10 Creative and Stylish Laundry Room Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

laundry room with decoration and a window

Do you wish your laundry room felt less like a chore and more of an inviting space? A little bit of creative decor can go a long way in transforming it and upholding the overall vibrancy of your home. From adding smart storage solutions to incorporating vibrant colors, there are numerous ways to make your laundry room both functional and stylish. Read on for 10 creative laundry room decor ideas that will have you freshening up your laundry space in no time!

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Go Bold and Colorful

Light blue wall laundry room with blue cabinet
Pop of color in laundry room

If you’re tired of stepping into a dull laundry room, then it might be time to incorporate some bold and colorful decor ideas. Don’t settle for a boring space when you can make laundry day a bit more fun with just a few simple changes.

Start by incorporating a bright pop of color with some new paint or wallpaper. You could even add a colorful area rug to create a cozy atmosphere. Other favorite laundry room decor ideas include adding some unique shelving or storage solutions to keep everything organized and in its place. 

Stylish Ways for Storage

Folded towels on a white open storage unit
Stylish storage options

One area that often gets overlooked is the laundry room. However, with the right ideas and designs, you can make your laundry room a stylish and functional storage solution. Some of the best laundry room decor ideas include using wall-mounted shelves and cabinets, adding built-in storage baskets and hampers, and installing a folding table with storage underneath.

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A dedicated laundry room can also include customized storage solutions such as pull-out drying racks and hidden ironing boards.

Shelves or Baskets 

White laundry room with storage baskets and bins with washer
Baskets for storage

When designing the perfect laundry room, it’s important to consider all the details, both big and small. One of those details that can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space is choosing whether to incorporate shelves or baskets.

Shelves provide a sleek and organized look, while baskets add a touch of texture and a cozy feel to the room. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to take advantage of natural light in your laundry room design to make the space feel bright and inviting.

Paint the Walls

Green wall laundry room with washer and plants
Paint can enhance the space

When it comes to giving a room a fresh new look, one of the easiest things you can do is paint the walls. But where do you even begin? That’s where an interior designer comes in. They can guide you toward the perfect color scheme and finish to match your aesthetic. And don’t forget the little things, like moving the furniture and clearing away any clutter. 

Hang Lights for Extra Warmth

Washer in a white room with a plant next to itself
Laundry room designs

Transform your current laundry room into a cozy space you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. Adding string lights is a simple and budget-friendly way to make the room feel warm and inviting. Not only will they create a soft glow, but they’ll also add a touch of whimsy to the space.

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Plus, with the right laundry essentials on hand, like a sturdy drying rack and ironing board, you can turn laundry day into a mini relaxation session. So go ahead and hang those lights, it’s time to turn your once mundane laundry room into a serene escape.

Artwork on the Walls

Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to home decor, but that shouldn’t be the case. Adding artwork to the walls can transform this otherwise mundane space into something special. Personal style should definitely be considered when choosing what to hang – whether it be abstract paintings or quirky vintage posters, the artwork should reflect who you are.

Not only does it add a personal touch but it also creates visual interest. Walking into a room with a plain white wall can be boring, but throw up some colorful art and suddenly the space has character.

Subway Tiles

Laundry washer next to storage unit with shelves and sections
Laundry room storage

Installing subway tiles in your laundry room is an excellent way to add a classic and fresh touch to the space. Subway tiles come in various colors, making it easy to find a color that complements your existing decor.

Additional Sink for Laundry Room

Grey laundry room with washer and a sink on the counter
Extra sink in laundry room

Installing a laundry room sink is an excellent way to add functionality to space. You can use it to hand wash delicate items, soak clothes, or even wash your pet! A laundry room sink also adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Hanging Drying Rack

A hanging drying rack is an excellent way to save space in your laundry room . You can hang it on the wall or ceiling to dry clothes without taking up any floor space.

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

White laundry room with glass backsplash and white shelf
Laundry room decoration ideas

Why limit your decor expertise to the living room or dining room when you can give your laundry room the attention it deserves? One of the key aspects of a great laundry room is ample storage. You can create a tidy and organized space by adding shelves, storage cabinets, and neat baskets.


Another feature you might consider is installing plenty of counter space to fold laundry or to keep laundry essentials. Bring your personal style to the laundry room decor by adding a pop of color, a unique rug, or wall art.

Laundry Room Decor Ideas Farmhouse

Laundry room with square sectioned storage shelf and plants
Laundry room ideas

With the growing popularity of the farmhouse style, laundry rooms are no exception when it comes to decorating. If you have a narrow room or a utility space dedicated to laundry, don’t despair!

There are plenty of ways to give your laundry room a cozy farmhouse feel, even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Consider adding a shiplap accent wall or shelving with rustic wood finishes. Whimsical wall decor such as a vintage laundry sign or a chalkboard calendar can also add a charming touch.

Laundry Room Wall Decor Ideas

White brick wall with stool in front of it
Wall decoration ideas

For more than a decade, laundry rooms have transformed from a neglected corner of the house to a thoughtfully designed space where one can enjoy doing laundry. The current trend in laundry room decor ideas is to create a warm, welcoming, and functional space. To enhance the look of your laundry room, consider adding some wall decor.

There are plenty of options to choose from – from vintage signs to rustic shelves to DIY storage solutions. Wall decor can also help you save space by providing storage options for detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry essentials. 

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Simple laundry room decor ideas with a washer
Laundry room decoration ideas and tips

Decorating your laundry room doesn’t have to break the bank. Even small touches to the space can make all the difference in creating a cozy and functional area. For example, adding colorful baskets or storage containers can not only boost the room’s aesthetic but can also help keep things organized.

Another budget-friendly decor idea is to create a personalized wall gallery using family photos or artwork. For practicality, consider installing a foldable drying rack to maximize space and make laundry day a breeze.

Country Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Light blue wall laundry room with a washer
Simple laundry room designs

Transform your dull laundry room into a charming country oasis with these decorating ideas. Start by installing a farmhouse sink which adds a rustic touch while providing ample space for soaking or washing clothes. For extra functionality, consider adding a utility sink to help with cleaning and organizing tasks.

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To save space, opt for pocket doors that not only fit into the decor but also save room in your small laundry area. These country-inspired ideas create a cozy and inviting space where you’ll actually enjoy doing your laundry.

Cute Laundry Room Decor Ideas

Doing laundry may not be the most exciting task, but that doesn’t mean your laundry room has to be drab and uninspiring. With the right decor, you can turn this room into a cute and cozy space that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in. Consider incorporating open shelving to display your favorite laundry essentials and cute storage containers.

Natural wood elements will add warmth and texture to the space, while gorgeous cabinetry can elevate the overall aesthetic of the room. Say goodbye to a dull laundry room and hello to a charming space that will make you look forward to laundry day.

Modern Laundry Room Decor Ideas

The laundry room is an often-overlooked area of the home, but that doesn’t mean it lacks style potential. With a few modern decor ideas, you can transform this space into a stylish hub that makes washing clothes a breeze. To start, consider incorporating elements that give the room an airy feel, such as pastel hues, white walls, and plenty of natural light.

Next, streamline the practical aspects of the area by adding storage solutions and a fold-out ironing board. Finally, don’t forget to add a bit of personality with fun wall decals or artwork that celebrates your unique sense of style. 

Rustic Laundry Room Decor Ideas

One way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your laundry room is to embrace a rustic decor style. Think wooden shelves, woven baskets, and vintage accents. To keep things light and airy, consider painting the walls a crisp white, and then incorporating natural textures like burlap or jute into your decor.

And while you’re at it, why not add a touch of sweetness with a cute jar of fabric softener on your shelves? With just a few carefully chosen pieces, your laundry room can become a haven of rustic charm that makes even the mundane task of doing laundry a little bit more enjoyable.

Basement Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

The basement is the perfect spot to create a laundry room, it just makes the most sense. It’s out of the way and keeps the noise of your washer and dryer away from the rest of the house. Plus, it’s a great place to add some extra style and personality to a typically mundane space.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your basement laundry room. You can add shelving and storage space to keep all your supplies organized and easily accessible.

Vintage Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Vintage laundry room decorating ideas can add a touch of charm and character to an otherwise mundane area of your home. Start by selecting a color palette that complements the rest of the space. Consider colors like pale blues, muted greens, and soft pinks for a subtle but distinctive look.

Vintage cabinets can really bring the theme to life, and they provide ample storage space for all your laundry essentials. For an extra touch of authenticity, consider using reclaimed wood flooring or tiles that mimic the look of aged brick or stone.

Decorate Laundry Room

Laundry rooms, while often overlooked, can be transformed into stylish and functional spaces with a bit of attention to detail. One key element is cabinetry, which not only adds storage but also gives the room a cohesive and polished look.

Sturdy, well-crafted cabinets provide ample space to store cleaning supplies, linens, and other odds and ends that can clutter the area. Additionally, the right flooring can go a long way in tying the room together. Opt for a durable and moisture-resistant option, such as tile or vinyl, that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.

Decor for a Laundry Room

Sprucing up your laundry room with some chic decor can make you look forward to doing laundry and even turn it into a fun and stylish task. There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating a laundry room.

First, consider adding some practical pieces like cute laundry baskets, a wall-mounted drying rack, or some shelves for storage. Once you have the basics covered, you can let your creativity flow with wall art, quirky rug, and fun signs with phrases like “Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat.” 

Decorating a Laundry Room

Decorating a laundry room may seem like a low priority when it comes to home renovations, but it’s the perfect opportunity to create a space that is both functional and stylish. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn this often-overlooked room into a place that you actually enjoy spending time in.

From adding shelves and storage solutions to selecting the perfect color scheme and decor, there are plenty of laundry room ideas to create a personalized and functional space.

Laundry Rooms Decorating Ideas

From adding a pop of color to installing open shelving, laundry room ideas abound. Many homeowners opt for practical storage solutions, such as cabinets or baskets, while others transform their laundry room into a cozy space with seating and artwork. Some even add a touch of nature by incorporating plants.

Laundry Decor Ideas

Laundry rooms are hardly the most glamorous space in the house, but they don’t have to be bland and boring either. With the right decor, you can transform your laundry room into a space that is both functional and fashionable. There are plenty of ways to inject some personality into this room, from wallpaper to fun art pieces to colorful storage solutions.

You can even incorporate some trendy finishing touches like open shelving or statement lighting fixtures.

Laundry Room Wall Ideas

You can go for a minimalist look with a fresh coat of paint and some simple wall decor, or you can opt for a more elaborate design with patterned wallpaper or tile. Another trend we’re seeing in laundry room design is the use of wood paneling or shiplap for a rustic feel.

If you’re short on space, consider adding some floating shelves to display laundry essentials or a hanging rod for clothes.

Laundry Ideas Decor

When it comes to laundry ideas decor, there are countless options to make your laundry space fashionable and functional. You can add a touch of modernity with sleek, wall-mounted shelves or opt for a rustic vibe with vintage laundry signs. A gallery wall of art prints related to laundry can add a personal and playful touch to the room.

If you’re short on space, consider a fold-down ironing board or compact storage solutions. The key is to find decor that not only looks great but also makes laundry time a bit more enjoyable

Unique Laundry Room Decor

Laundry rooms may not be the most glamorous space in your home, but they certainly serve an important function. Don’t ignore this often-forgotten corner! You can add some unique decor to elevate its functionality and visual appeal. Opt for a bold and vibrant color scheme to energize the space. Or go for a calming and serene palette to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Laundry Room Accents

Laundry rooms are no longer just a space for washing and drying clothes. They have become a place to showcase personal style and creativity. Adding accents to your laundry room can change the entire ambiance of the space.

The right accents can transform a plain and simple room into a chic and stylish area. Be it a new coat of paint on the walls, patterned tiles on the floor, or stylish shelving units, laundry room accents can be both functional and glamorous.

How to decorate a laundry room wall?

There are several ways to decorate a laundry room wall, depending on your personal style and preferences. Here are a few ideas:

  • Paint the wall with a fresh coat of bright, cheerful color to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Install wallpaper or wall decals with patterns or designs that match the theme of your laundry room.
  • Hang framed artwork or photographs that inspire you or relate to the laundry room theme.
  • Install floating shelves to display decorative items like plants, vases, or small baskets for storage.
  • Use functional and decorative hooks to hang laundry-related items such as ironing boards, laundry bags, or drying racks.

How can I make my laundry room beautiful?

To make your laundry room beautiful, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a color scheme that is pleasing to you and complements the overall aesthetic of your home.
  • Use storage solutions like cabinets or shelves to keep the space organized and clutter-free.
  • Incorporate decorative elements such as plants, artwork, or rugs that add visual interest.
  • Install good lighting to ensure the space is well-lit and functional.
  • Consider adding a backsplash behind the sink or countertop area to enhance the room’s visual appeal.
  • Invest in attractive laundry baskets or storage containers that can help keep things tidy.
  • Use stylish and functional laundry room accessories like soap dispensers, hampers, or wall hooks.

How to design your own laundry room?

Designing your own laundry room involves considering both functional and aesthetic aspects. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Determine the available space: Measure the room to understand its dimensions and layout.
  2. Plan the layout: Decide where each major component will go, such as the washer, dryer, sink, and storage cabinets.
  3. Consider workflow: Ensure a logical flow by placing the washer and dryer near a sink and sorting area, and keep frequently used items easily accessible.
  4. Choose appliances: Select energy-efficient and appropriately sized appliances that fit your needs and the available space.
  5. Provide ample storage: Install cabinets, shelves, or baskets to store laundry supplies, cleaning products, and other items.
  6. Enhance functionality: Include a countertop for folding clothes, a hanging rod for drying, and a utility sink for various tasks.
  7. Lighting and ventilation: Ensure proper lighting and ventilation to create a comfortable and functional space.
  8. Personalize the design: Add decorative elements, color schemes, and accessories that align with your personal taste and style.

What should be stored in a laundry room?

A laundry room typically serves as a storage space for various items related to laundry and cleaning. Here are some common items to store in a laundry room:

  • Laundry supplies: Detergent, fabric softener, stain removers, bleach, and dryer sheets.
  • Cleaning products: All-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, and dustpan.
  • Ironing equipment: Iron, ironing board, and spray starch.
  • Laundry accessories: Clothespins, clothes hangers, lint rollers, and sewing kit.
  • Extra linens: Spare bed sheets, towels, and blankets.
  • Utility items: Extra light bulbs, batteries, and extension cords.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): Rubber gloves, face masks, and goggles for handling chemicals or dust.
  • Storage containers: Baskets, bins, or boxes to keep smaller items organized.

How to decorate my laundry room?

To decorate your laundry room, here are some ideas and tips to consider:

  1. Choose a color scheme: Select colors that you find appealing and that complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider using light and bright colors to create a clean and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Wall decor: Add visual interest to the walls by hanging artwork, framed quotes, or photographs that inspire you. You can also consider installing shelves and displaying decorative items like plants, baskets, or vintage laundry signs.
  3. Utilize storage solutions: Keep your laundry room organized and clutter-free by incorporating storage solutions. Install cabinets, shelves, or cubbies to store laundry supplies, cleaning products, and other items. Use labeled bins or baskets to categorize and organize smaller items.
  4. Add a backsplash: Install a backsplash behind the sink or countertop area to protect the wall and add a decorative element. Choose materials such as ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tiles, or even peel-and-stick options for easy installation.
  5. Lighting: Ensure proper lighting in the laundry room to make the space feel bright and functional. Consider installing overhead lighting fixtures or task lighting above the work areas, such as the folding station or ironing board.
  6. Decorative hooks and hangers: Incorporate functional and decorative hooks on the walls or behind the door to hang items like ironing boards, laundry bags, or drying racks. Choose hooks that match your desired aesthetic, whether it’s modern, rustic, or vintage.
  7. Window treatments: If your laundry room has windows, consider adding window treatments such as curtains or blinds. Choose fabrics or patterns that complement the room’s color scheme and style.

How can I design my laundry room?

When designing your laundry room, the first step is to consider the layout. The layout should be ergonomic and functional, with the washer and dryer placed for easy access. You might also want to add a folding table or a countertop for folding clothes right out of the dryer.

Storage is another important aspect of laundry room design. Consider adding shelves or cabinets above your appliances to store detergent, fabric softener, and other necessities. A hanging rod for drying delicate items can also be a great addition.

For a touch of style, consider the color scheme and lighting. Bright, light colors can make the space feel larger and more inviting. Good lighting is essential for spotting stains and reading care labels on clothing.

How do I makeover my laundry room?

A laundry room makeover can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. For a quick and easy update, consider painting the walls in a fresh, cheerful color. This alone can dramatically transform the look of the room.

If you’re willing to invest more time and money, you might consider replacing your old appliances with newer, more energy-efficient models. Adding additional storage, such as shelves or cabinets, can also make a big difference in the functionality of the room.

Don’t forget about the floor. If your current flooring is worn or outdated, replacing it can give your laundry room a whole new look. Vinyl and tile are both durable, water-resistant options that are well-suited to laundry rooms.

What is supposed to be in a laundry room?

At a minimum, a laundry room should contain a washer and dryer. However, most laundry rooms also include other items to make the task of doing laundry easier and more efficient.

This might include a utility sink for hand-washing delicate items, storage for laundry supplies, a folding table or countertop, a hanging rod or drying rack for air-drying clothes, and an ironing board and iron.

Some people also choose to include a trash can for lint and used dryer sheets, a hamper or sorting bins for dirty laundry, and a basket or shelf for clean, folded laundry. In larger laundry rooms, you might even find a sewing machine for making minor repairs to clothing.

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