7 Best Laundry Room Colors That Promote Relaxation and Organization

white laundry room with dim lighting

Laundry rooms might seem small and unimportant spaces, but they serve an essential purpose in our lives. Doing laundry is a chore that cannot be avoided, and the design of the space can impact our productivity and outlook on the task. Picking the right color palettes for your laundry room can help to promote relaxation and organization. Here we will share the seven best laundry room colors that will inspire comfort and calm to enhance your laundry room’s functionality and aesthetic.

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More Color Tips for Laundry Rooms

Soft Blues

Soft blue laundry room with washer inside of a cabinet
Soft blue laundry room

Using soft blue hues in your laundry room can calm your mind while doing the task. You can incorporate shades of light blue on the walls or even choose some blue cabinetry to add color. These colors remind you of seas, oceans, and clear skies, which will enhance your mood.

Soft Green

Soft green laundry room with a sink and counter
Green laundry rooms

Soft green colors are one of the best color options for promoting serenity in your laundry room. It creates a sense of calmness and balances the atmosphere of the room. Soft green tiles for the floors or walls are a fantastic way to incorporate this color into your laundry room’s design.

Light Gray

Grey wall laundry room with wooden cabinet and counter
Laundry room colors

Light gray creates a sophisticated vibe that suits a laundry room perfectly. The shade has a friendly and relaxed effect, giving your laundry room a classic look. This color is ideal for walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

Warm Oranges

Laundry room with wooden accents and a washer
Orange tones with wooden accents
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The addition of a warm, sandy orange can brighten up your laundry room and creates a cozy atmosphere. If you don’t feel bold enough to add it to your walls, use paint on one feature piece like a cabinet or shelf.

Muted yellows

Narrow laundry room with yellow drawers and cabinet doors
Yellow laundry room drawers

A muted yellow hue is perfect for adding a touch of energy and positive energy to your laundry room. It is an excellent option to use in a small space to make it appear more spacious and brighter. If you’re looking to add more color, choose to highlight your storage with yellow shades.


Laundry room wooden accent wall and washer and dryer
Laundry room color options

Using subtle tan shades in your laundry room makes a clean and calm space right away. Tan colors can make the room feel more substantial, creating a more extensive laundry room without knocking down any walls.

Light Beige

Light beige laundry room with stairs and clothing hangers
Laundry room designs

Light beige is a neutral option that never goes out of style. It is perfect for creating a clean and fresh laundry room. Combine with any color cabinets and storage that can be changed or updated as you want to refresh the room’s feeling.


Purple laundry room with washer and baskets
Lavender for laundry rooms

Finally, if you want a color that promotes relaxation and calmness, look no further than lavender. This color is known to reduce stress and anxiety, making it the perfect choice for a space where you need to unwind and recharge.

Laundry Room Colors With White Cabinets

Laundry room with white cabinets and washer and dryer on top of each other
White laundry room cabinets
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 White cabinets are a popular choice for their timeless and classic appeal, but they can easily become boring or sterile. To inject personality into a laundry room, consider bold paint colors for the walls. Deep blues, greens, or burnt oranges can add a pop of color and make the space feel more inviting.

With white cabinets as the base, these bold hues can create a striking contrast and stylish balance. Just remember to choose a shade that complements the cabinets and won’t clash with the rest of the room. By playing around with different laundry room colors, you can transform a mundane chore into a visually pleasing one.

Laundry Room Colors Ideas

Hands holding color examples
Color ideas for laundry rooms

A laundry room can be considered the utility space of the house, and it is essential to make it an enjoyable and functional area. One of the significant factors to consider when designing this space is getting a color scheme that fits the ambiance of the room. With laundry room paint color ideas, you can create a soothing space for washing clothes.

It is ideal to use neutral paint colors to create a calming and relaxing aura. Furthermore, if you are fortunate to have natural light in this space, choosing light shades can help enhance the brightness and add radiance. Natural light can have a considerable effect on the overall mood of a room, adding a lively feel that reflects on your laundry routine.

Laundry Room Color Schemes

Brown toned laundry room with a window
Laundry room color schemes

When designing a laundry room, the paint colors you choose can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. While neutral tones like white and beige are common choices for many homeowners, don’t be afraid to venture into bolder territory with colors like deep navy blue or rich jewel tones.

A well-chosen laundry room paint color can transform a dull and utilitarian space into a vibrant and inviting one. Consider pairing a bold navy blue color with crisp white accents for a classic and polished look, or go for a jewel toned paint color like emerald green or sapphire blue for a glam yet sophisticated vibe. With the right laundry room color schemes, you can create a beautiful space.

Laundry Room Cabinet Color Ideas

Led lighted laundry room cabinets
Laundry room colors and designs

Your laundry room doesn’t need to be a dull, uninspiring space. With the right cabinet color, you can transform your laundry room into a beautiful, functional hub that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Look for cabinet colors with blue undertones to create a calming, serene atmosphere.


If your laundry room is on the darker side, consider lighter shades to brighten it up. Also, think about how the cabinet color will complement the rest of your home’s interior design.

Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas

Laundry room white walls and colorful towels
Laundry room color

The right colors can make a small space feel more open and inviting, while the wrong colors can make it feel even more cramped. One color that is always a safe bet is gray. However, not just any gray will do. Consider using your favorite gray paint color, one that complements the rest of your home’s decor.

If you’re feeling bold, try adding a pop of color with a medium toned blue. This can add just the right amount of interest to an otherwise dull space. Remember, the right color scheme can turn your laundry room into a place you actually enjoy spending time in.

Basement Laundry Room Color Ideas

Laundry room with washer and dryer and open shelves above them
Muted colors for laundry rooms

When it comes to choosing a color for your basement laundry room, there are a few things to consider. While some may opt for a bold color choice to add vibrancy to the space, others may prefer a more subtle look. Charcoal gray is a classic color choice that pairs well with neutral tones and can add sophistication to the room.

For a cooler-toned option, try a light cool gray color to create a calming and inviting atmosphere. If you do decide to go bold, consider using pops of color in accents rather than on the walls themselves. This will add interest without becoming overwhelming.

Laundry Room Wall Paint Ideas

A washer standing in front of a beige wall
Beige laundry room wall

It’s important to think beyond the traditional white or beige. Instead, consider a very dark navy with gray undertones for a more professional and sophisticated look. This color adds depth to the room and pairs well with pops of bright colors in your laundry accessories.

If you’re not a fan of a very dark navy, opt for a more cool gray color with slight blue undertones. This will add a modern touch to your laundry room while still maintaining a professional feel. Plus, the neutral tones will complement any color scheme you choose for your décor.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Paint Colors

When choosing paint colors for your farmhouse laundry room, there are several options to consider that will enhance the space’s aesthetic. A deep brown color can add a touch of warmth to the room, while a light gray can provide a sense of calmness. For those who want to add a pop of color, consider opting for a hue with slightly blue undertones.

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This will bring a subtle hint of brightness and freshness to the space. Ultimately, the best color for your laundry room will depend on your personal taste and the overall design scheme of your home. Make sure to test out a few different shades before committing to one – you might be surprised at what ends up being the perfect fit.

Laundry Room Wall Colors

Choosing the right wall color can make a significant difference in how your laundry room looks. As an interior designer, I recommend using very light colors such as pale blue, soft gray or creamy white for your laundry room walls. These colors create a soothing atmosphere that will make your laundry room feel calm, clean and organized.

To make the space appear larger and more open, it’s important to create long horizontal lines with your design. This can be achieved by adding a horizontal stripe pattern or by using floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Best Laundry Room Paint Colors

Before choosing the best paint color for your laundry room, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you want a color that complements the overall style and feel of your space. For a professional and timeless look, consider a tone on tone texture that will add subtle depth and dimension to your walls.

If your washer and dryer are front and center in your laundry room, you may want to opt for a color that helps them blend in seamlessly, such as a muted gray or charcoal hue. Of course, you can never go wrong with a crisp white laundry room, which will instantly brighten up the space and keep it looking clean and fresh.

Popular Laundry Room Colors

Choosing the right paint color can instantly brighten up the space and make it feel more inviting. For a sophisticated look, consider a cool gray shade. This color is neutral enough to blend well with existing décor but still adds a touch of elegance. If you want to incorporate a pop of color, try adding blue accents through your wall art, decorative objects, or even a bold blue washer and dryer set.

Laundry Room Colors

By incorporating the right colors, you can transform this often-overlooked space into a bright and inviting area. For a timeless look, consider pairing navy blue and white. This classic combination creates a sense of sophistication and elegance that will never go out of style.

To keep the space feeling open and airy, opt for white walls and light cabinets. Not only will this color scheme give your laundry room a cohesive look, but it will also provide a calming ambiance that can make this chore more enjoyable.

Paint Color For Laundry Room

Choosing the right paint color for your laundry room is a crucial step in creating an aesthetically-pleasing space. Baby blue may be the perfect hue to uplift the atmosphere of your laundry room while making it feel calming and welcoming. Complement the baby blue walls with light flooring to create a sense of balance and serenity. Add white trim to contrast the light blue walls and brighten the overall space.

Laundry Room Paint Ideas

Choosing the right paint color can make all the difference. One option to consider is an iced cube silver, which creates a sleek and modern look. Another key aspect to consider is the cabinet color, which can complement the walls or provide a pop of contrast.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a vibrant space that makes doing laundry a little more enjoyable. By consulting a professional and selecting the right color scheme, your laundry room can become a stylish and functional part of your home.

Colorful Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms don’t have to be boring or uninspiring. In fact, they have the potential to be a vibrant and energizing space. If you’re considering a fresh update for your laundry room, why not go for a colorful look?

One option you could try is choosing a really complex shade, such as a blue-green or a pink-orange. If you prefer a more subdued palette, you might find that a natural wood finish complements your space. Or, for a touch of sophistication, consider a color with purple undertones.

Laundry Room Paint Color Ideas

Choosing the perfect paint color for your laundry room can transform it from a mundane chore space to an area that inspires and uplifts you. A gray color palette can create a timeless and sophisticated look that elevates the room’s aesthetics. Consider brightening up the space with even a lamp or two to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that doubles as task lighting. It is also essential to have a large folding surface to make laundry day more manageable.

Best Colors For Laundry Room

While it may be tempting to go for a bright or bold shade, a complex neutral can be more soothing and timeless. Additionally, incorporating long horizontal lines into the design can create a sense of spaciousness, making even the smallest laundry rooms feel airy and open.

Don’t forget to prioritize overhead lighting as well – ample lighting is key for ensuring you can see every stain and wrinkle and can make the room feel bright and fresh.

Ideas For Painting Laundry Room

Consider going for slightly muted hues such as soft blues, grays, or green tones that will create a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, installing mirrors on the walls can add functionality and aesthetics to the room.

Hanging mirrors in your laundry room will create the illusion of more space, and it will also provide a way for you to double-check your outfit before you head out.

What are popular colors for a laundry room?

Popular colors for a laundry room include white, light blue, light gray, beige, and pastel shades.

What color to paint laundry room with no windows?

Is gray a good color for laundry room?

When painting a laundry room with no windows, lighter colors like white, cream, or pale gray can help create a bright and airy feel.

What colour is best for laundry room?

The recommended colors for a laundry room are light and calming tones like white, light blue, pale green, or soft gray. However, the final decision should ultimately be based on personal preference and the desired atmosphere.

What type of paint is best for laundry room walls?

For laundry room walls, washable and durable paint is recommended. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are often preferred as they are easier to clean and resistant to moisture.

What color should I paint my laundry room with no windows?

When dealing with a laundry room without windows, lighter colors like white, cream, or pale gray can help create a sense of openness and brightness.

What color should I paint my laundry?

The color you should paint your laundry room depends on your personal style and preferences. However, light colors like white, beige, or soft pastels are commonly used to create a fresh and clean atmosphere.

What color light is best for laundry room?

In a laundry room, cool white or daylight white light bulbs are often preferred as they mimic natural daylight, providing good visibility and accurate color perception.

What type of paint is best for a laundry room?

For a laundry room, it’s best to use paint that is moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Semi-gloss or satin finishes are often recommended.

What colors are good for laundry rooms?

Good colors for laundry rooms include light neutrals (white, beige, gray), soft blues, pastels, and even light greens. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal taste and the desired atmosphere.

What is the most popular color to paint a laundry room?

The most popular color to paint a laundry room can vary depending on current trends and individual preferences. However, light neutrals and soft pastels are often favored for their timeless appeal and ability to create a clean and refreshing space.

How do I add color to my laundry room?

You can add color to your laundry room by incorporating colorful accents such as vibrant rugs, curtains, or decorative items. You can also consider painting an accent wall in a bold or contrasting color.

Is green a good color for a laundry room?

Green can be a good color for a laundry room, particularly lighter shades like sage green or mint green. It can create a calming and fresh ambiance, but the choice ultimately depends on personal preference.

What are the best colors to paint a laundry?

The best colors to paint a laundry room can vary, but light neutrals like white, beige, or gray are popular choices for a clean and classic look. Soft blues, pastels, and light greens are also commonly used to add a touch of tranquility.

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