Bienal at KBIS 2023: Redefining Design Excellence and Inspiring Innovation

show fair booth with walls of furniture finishes

KBIS stands for the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, an annual trade show dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry. It is one of the largest trade shows in North America, with dozens of countries participating. It serves as a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and other professionals in the industry to showcase their products, services, and innovations.

We were extremely satisfied with the number of participants at the 2023 fair, and our expert sales team introduced the stand to more than 1000 registered visitors.

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Bienal at KBIS

Overview of the KBIS Show

Show booth that has closets and counters
Bienal’s booth at kbis

KBIS Orlando 2022 and Las Vegas 2023 marked a monumental chapter in our journey at Bienal. From the moment we stepped onto the bustling showroom floor, we were engulfed in an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. As a team, we eagerly awaited this prestigious event, knowing that it would provide us with a unique opportunity to showcase our company’s vision and innovation in the kitchen, bath, and custom closet solutions industry.

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Bienal’s KBIS Booth Showcase

We divided our KBIS booth area into four sections: Home Office Area, Kitchen Cabinets, His Closet, and Her Closet, to showcase our customized storage solutions. Although the main focus of the show was on kitchens and bathrooms, we aimed to convey the message that we are equipped to do a complete project with customizable cabinetry choices, the many finish/door options we can offer, and the small details of all the woodwork for a space.

Show fair booth with walls of furniture finishes
Rear side of bienal’s kbis booth
Free design consultation

We wanted our visitors to see our stand as a source of inspiration.

We had the opportunity to visit many booths within the Las Vegas Convention Center. This allowed us to review the overall market quality and what kind of solutions each company has to offer. This showed us how we can improve our own systems.

His Closet

Closet with open and empty shelves and drawers underneath them
‘his closet’ design from bienal

The attention to detail was evident in every element, from the choice of premium materials to the innovative organizational systems that maximized storage space. Our team of talented designers carefully considered the diverse requirements of men’s wardrobes, integrating features such as adjustable shelving, specialized compartments for accessories, and hidden compartments for valuables.

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Bienal at KBIS 2023

We handled two different systems together in the same concept. We broke the monotony and went beyond the usual image by using aluminum profiles and large glasses with sliding doors. We offered different options by using Häfele and our own accessories together. We aimed to provide integrity in the space with the wall profiles we used with mirrors on the wall. We enriched the design with LED details.

Dark glass door closet with clothes hanging in it
Closeup of ‘his closet’

We showcased a range of finishes, from rich wood grains to sophisticated matte textures, allowing customization to suit individual tastes and interior styles. The attention-grabbing combination of clean lines, elegant hardware, and integrated lighting elements transformed these closets into true statement pieces that elevated any living space.

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The response from KBIS attendees exceeded our expectations. Design professionals, industry experts, and homeowners alike were impressed by the attention to detail and the thoughtful approach to men’s storage needs. We engaged in insightful conversations, exchanging ideas, and receiving valuable feedback that will shape the future of our closets and our overall product line.

Her Closet

A walk in closet with light wooden finishes and a white rug on the floor
Her Closet’ from Bienal

We applied a hybrid design to each closet. The lack of space could have affected the functionality, but we increased the space with thinner forms by using aluminum profiles. We used the same recesses in metal and wood. We displayed our mastery of lacquer paint by giving the same feeling in two different materials. In addition, we designed a showcase with a decorative cover for accessories such as shoes and bags.

As visitors approached our exhibit, they were immediately captivated by the allure and sophistication exuded by her closet. Every aspect had been thoughtfully curated to ensure an unrivaled storage experience. From the choice of luxurious materials to intelligent organization systems, our closets were designed to empower women with effortless efficiency and elevate their daily routines.

Glass door closet with hangers and white shirts on it
Closeup of ‘her closet’

Her closet boasted an array of innovative features that set them apart. Height-adjustable shelves, customizable hanging spaces, and specialized compartments for accessories were just a few of the elements carefully integrated into the design. We understood the importance of adaptability, allowing women to effortlessly transform their closets as their needs and preferences evolved over time.

As we look back on our time at KBIS 2023, we are humbled and grateful for the chance to showcase her closet and contribute to the tapestry of ideas and creativity that unfolded throughout the event. We eagerly anticipate the exciting prospects that lie ahead as we translate the knowledge gained from KBIS into further advancements and breakthroughs.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with dark green counter and wooden cabinets
Kitchen Design from Bienal

We wanted to display more than one material in this area. We also prioritized functionality. We used creative and solution-oriented systems such as electric door opening systems, steps to provide ease of access, and internal drawer systems in deep cabinets. In order to show how to save space, we used products such as spice racks, drawer partitioners, and corner drawers.

Small kitchen with green counter and open shelves
Small kitchen cabinets design

Functionality was at the core of our kitchen cabinets. We understood that the modern kitchen not only serves as a culinary haven but also a hub for socializing and gathering. As such, our cabinets were thoughtfully designed to optimize storage space, enhance organization, and facilitate seamless workflow. Adjustable shelves, toe kick steps, specialized compartments for utensils and appliances, and ergonomic features were incorporated into the cabinets, ensuring that every culinary tool and ingredient had its rightful place.

Kitchen design demonstrated in a show with people around
Overall look of kitchen design and cabinets

The kitchen cabinets we presented at KBIS were a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design. Each cabinet was meticulously constructed using premium materials, resulting in a harmonious blend of durability, style, and sustainability. Our team of skilled artisans paid meticulous attention to every detail, from the selection of exquisite finishes to the precision engineering of hinges and hardware.

Home Office

A booth of a company in a show with desks and people in it
Home office design from bienal

Like our other spaces, we designed a home office where simplicity and elegance are at the forefront. Here, we included fine details such as custom wall coverings, metal table legs, and a natural and patterned wood look.

The home office solutions showcased by Bienal at KBIS 2023 were thoughtfully designed to optimize productivity while ensuring a harmonious integration with residential aesthetics. We recognized that the modern work environment required a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and our designs embodied that ethos.

A booth of a company in a show with desks and people
Home office design from bienal

Versatility was a key element in our home office solutions. We understood that the needs of individuals varied, and as such, our designs offered customizable options to suit different spatial requirements and personal preferences.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Finishes from Bienal

Beyond functionality, we paid meticulous attention to the aesthetics of our home office solutions. We showcased a range of finishes, materials, and styles to complement diverse interior design preferences. Whether it was a sleek and modern aesthetic or a more traditional and rustic feel, our home office solutions seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic of any home.

Accessories and Finishes

Working with the giants of the hardware industry, Häfele, and Blum, we aim not only to offer high-quality products but also to ensure the long-term use, ease of use, and functionality of these accessories and hardware.

Selection of furniture options hung on a black wall with people next to it
Bienal’s finish options

Our team dedicated their expertise and passion to creating and curating a collection that catered to the diverse needs of individuals seeking to optimize their closet space while adding a touch of sophistication.

Our Overall Impressions of the KBIS Show

A selection of furniture finishes on the wall of a booth from a show
Bienal’s kbis booth

Attending the KBIS show in 2023 was a truly transformative experience for us at Bienal. As we packed up our exhibit and reflected on the whirlwind of activities, engaging conversations, and innovative showcases, we couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and inspiration.

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KBIS 2023 served as a melting pot of creative minds, industry leaders, and passionate individuals who shared our vision for pushing the boundaries of design excellence in the kitchen, bath, and closet industries. The show was a testament to the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities that emerge when diverse perspectives converge.

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Bienal at KBIS 2023

Moreover, the KBIS show was an invaluable platform for forging connections and nurturing relationships. We had the privilege of engaging in meaningful conversations with designers, professionals, and homeowners who not only shared their experiences and insights but also became valuable sources of inspiration. The exchange of ideas and perspectives sparked new avenues of creativity, pushing us to further refine our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

A furniture show booth with furniture inside and company name on the booth
Overall look of ‘his closet’

The overwhelming positive response we received for our showcased products, such as ‘His Closet,’ ‘Her Closet,’ ‘Kitchen Cabinets,’ ‘Home Office’ and accessories, filled us with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The appreciation for our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to innovation reaffirmed that we were on the right path. The feedback and suggestions we received have become valuable touchstones that will guide our future endeavors and fuel our passion for creating exceptional solutions.

KBIS 2023 was a reminder of the transformative power of passion, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to this incredible event, and we eagerly anticipate the future opportunities that lie ahead.

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