15 Amazing Ways to Organize Your Shoes – Creative Shoe Organization Ideas

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We all have at least one pair of shoes, whether our favorite go-to sneaker pair or a collection of seasonal styles. But how do we organize shoes to store, organize and keep these shoes neat and out of the way? With these 15 fantastic shoe organization ideas, the answer is simple: no matter how small your closet or floor space is, you can organize your shoes quickly!

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Shoe Storage Solutions

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Shoe storage unit with shelves an has shoes on
Shoe storage

Organizing your shoe collection can be tricky, so investing in great storage solutions is essential. Start by going through all your shoes. Set aside a place for worn shoes, in case you want to repair or donate them, and all boxes of your seasonal selections. Look for storage solutions that fit your space and needs. Various designs, hanging shoe racks to shelves, will maximize a small closet.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Large white open shoe closet full of shoes
Maximize your space

If you have a small closet, maximizing your storage space is important. Consider using the entire shelf or placing a closet rod in the middle to hang shoes. You can also use the vertical space to hang sandals, flip-flops, and other shoes.

Save Your Floor Space

Wooden shoe storage unit with plant next to it
Saving space

If you want to keep your floor space, several unique shoe storage ideas exist. Instead of occupying floor space, look for a hanging or vertical shoe rack. Let’s face it, hanging a few pairs of shoes from the wall is a much better solution than having all your shoes pile up on the floor. Also, look for shoe racks with neat drawers for small-sized shoes, like kids’ ones.

Increase Your Vertical Storage

Vertical shoe storage unit with shoes inside
Shoe storage options
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Vertical storage is a great way to save space and store more shoes than you can fit in a shoe rack. Utilize the top shelf of your closet for tall boots, winter boots, and other taller shoes, as well as the wall space. Urban Outfitters has some great options to stow away shoes, with special hanging pockets that don’t take up much space.

Get Creative With Open Spaces

White shoe closet with shoes inside
Get creative with shoe storage

You can creatively use open spaces in your closet or room to organize your shoes. For example, utilizing an extra shelf or a single shelf beside your closet door is a great way to store away outgoing shoes, like the ones you wear almost daily. Also, you can use an entire wall or a corner to store all your shoes if you don’t mind the lack of privacy.

Store Away Your Kids’ Shoes

Blue shoe shelf unit with shoes on it
Store your shoes clever

Having kids means having different-sized shoes all over the house, so making the most out of a small space is essential. A great way is to find the best way to store the shoes. Various materials, from cardboard to plastic, can be used to make an easy shoe bin. This way, you can store away all the tiny pairs of shoes and have them sorted and out of the way.

Find Clever Ways to Keep Shoes Neatly Stored

White shoe organizer with shoes inside
Shoe storage units

If the amount of your shoes generally outweighs the amount of space you have, then you can look for specific clever ways to store them. Think about collecting all the odd pairs of shoes, like two pairs of one shoe, and storing them together in a shoe rack. If you’re a shoe lover and have a lot of pairs of shoes, then a wall rack that can store two or three pairs at a time can be a great solution.

Utilize Professional Organizers

Empty wooden shoe organizer
Shoe organizers

Another great way to organize your shoe collection is by using a professional organizer. This way, you can look for the perfect storage solution, including shoe shelves and other options, depending on the size and type of your shoes. Many professional organizers also offer custom-built racks, which can make the most of your space while keeping your shoes neat.

Consider Using A Door Shoe Rack

Shoe rack with hanging shoes on it
Shoe racks
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Doors don’t have to remain empty – you can make the most of your closet door by using a door shoe rack. They are great for smaller-sized shoes like sandals, flip-flops, and slippers. They are fantastic if you lack floor or shelf space. You can easily hang two or three pairs of shoes per rack.

Place Your Taller Boots in the Front of Your Closet

Open door reach in closet with storage bins and shoes inside
Clever shoe storage

Placing taller boots in the front is essential when maximizing your closet space. The more your closet can hold, the more space you save. The taller boots can also be a great way to showcase your shoe collection and ensure that all the pairs of shoes will remain organized.

Find the Best Way to Store Sandals

Crowded shoe organizer with open doors
Store the shoe mess

Sandals occupy a lot of space, so finding the best storage method is essential. You’ll likely want to keep them near the entrance, so look for simple storage solutions such as DIY racks and door models.

Find the Best Way to Store Flip Flops

Walk in closet with hanging clothes inside
Store your footwear

Flip flops can be tricky to store due to their flexibility and small size. You can make the most wall and door space with flip-flop hangers. These hangers can easily store your flip-flops and keep them organized.

Utilize Shelf Space

Open shoe organizer with shoes inside
Utilize your shoe storage space

Shelf space can be an amazing way to store shoes, saving floor and closet space. If you have plenty of shelf space, you can find a way to store almost any shoe using different baskets and containers. Keep the correct type of shoes together, and don’t forget to add labels for easy access.

Utilize Container Storage

Labeled plastic shoe containers on top of each other in three rows
Shoe containers

Creating a dedicated space can be an excellent solution for your enormous and growing shoe collection. Container storage can be great for organizing shoes and keeping them neat and out of sight. Whether it’s a large armoire for your dress shoes or a neat box for your winter boots, these places offer some great ideas for organizing your shoes.

Look Out for Special Shoe Storage Solutions

Bottom of a reach in closet that has containers and open drawers
Shoe organization ideas

If you’re into shoes and want to make the most of your space, looking out for unique shoe storage solutions pays off. For example, thinking of ways of displaying your high heels or managing the different heel heights is a great way to create a truly unique space. Plus, you can make any type of shoe rack to suit your needs – measure the size of the space first.

Organizing Shoes In Closet

Reach in closet with shoe organization ideas
Shoe storage in closets

Keeping your shoes organized can be tedious, but you can turn your cluttered closet into a haven of order with a few tips and tricks. From over-the-door shoe organizers to adjustable shelves and cubbies, there are countless ways to arrange your footwear to save space and time. 

Start by categorizing your shoes according to their type and frequency of use, and then invest in storage solutions that cater to your specific needs. Consider using clear plastic bins to store seasonal shoes or label your shoe boxes to make locating them easier. With a little effort and creativity, you can make your shoe collection look picture-perfect and effortlessly accessible.

Organizing Shoe Ideas

Organizing shoes can be challenging for many people, especially if they have an extensive footwear collection. However, many creative and practical ideas can help keep shoes organized and easily accessible. One popular approach is to use shoe racks or shelves to store shoes in an organized manner

Another effective strategy is categorizing shoes by type, such as athletic shoes, sandals, and boots, and then storing them separately. Clear plastic boxes or shoe organizers can help keep shoes visible and protected while saving space. By implementing these simple but effective ideas, anyone can organize their shoes and enjoy a clutter-free closet or entryway.

Organizing Shoes In A Small Closet

Organizing can be challenging for anyone with a small closet, especially regarding shoes. But fear not; there are ways to make the most of your space and ensure your shoes are easily accessible. 

One trick is to use a hanging organizer attached to the closet rod. You can neatly tuck away shoes, each pair in its pocket. Another option is to invest in a shoe rack at the bottom of the closet or floor. This way, shoes are kept in view and can be easily grabbed when needed. With a bit of creativity, organizing shoes in a small closet can be a breeze.

Organizing Shoes In Boxes

Shoe lovers, we have all been there – trying to find a specific pair of shoes in our cluttered closets can be a chore! But fear not; there is a simple solution to this problem: organizing your shoes in boxes. 

Imagine the satisfaction of opening up a labeled box and seeing your favorite pair of shoes neatly stored, ready to be worn. Not only does this method make finding your shoes a breeze, but it also protects them from dust and damage. The best part? It’s an easy and inexpensive solution to a common problem. So say goodbye to messy shoe piles and hello to a more organized closet!

Organizing Shoes On Shelves

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Organizing your shoes on shelves is the perfect solution for keeping your footwear in order. Not only does it save you time and frustration, but it also makes for a neat and visually appealing display. Remember that there are various ways to organize your shoes, depending on your preference and the size of your shoe collection. You can arrange them by color, style, season, or even frequency of use

The possibilities are endless when organizing your shoes on shelves, so let your creativity take charge and enjoy a clutter-free shoe collection.

Organizing Shoes In Entryway

So why start your journey off on the right foot? As the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” but before you can even take that first step out of your home, you’re greeted by a pile of shoes cluttering your entryway. It’s a common problem – you and everyone else in your household have their own set of shoes that they wear daily. 

But fear not; you can transform your chaotic shoe collection into a neat and tidy setup with clever organizational tricks. Instead of an eye sore, your entryway will become a welcoming space setting your home’s tone. With a little effort, You will arrange your shoes to make it easy to grab them on your way out the door and slip them off when you return home.

Organizing Shoes In Walk In Closet

Walking into your closet should be a stress-free experience, but it can quickly become overwhelming when your shoes are scattered everywhere. Luckily, organizing your shoes in a walk-in closet doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

You can organize and show off your shoe collection in style using innovative storage solutions such as cubbies, hanging shoe organizers, and shoe racks. Not only will this make finding the perfect pair of shoes a breeze, but it will also save you time and frustration in the morning rush. Plus, displaying your shoes neatly and orderly will give your closet a polished and sophisticated look. So, set aside some time, put on your favorite tunes, and get ready to transform the chaos into a calming and serene closet oasis.

Over The Door Shoe Organizer

No more scrambling to find your favorite pair of shoes or tripping over cluttered footwear- the Over the Door Shoe Organizer is here to save the day! This nifty invention lets you easily store your shoes, making your closet space or bedroom more organized and practical.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to install- hang it over any door, and voila! You’ll be able to see all your shoes at once without digging through piles of them. This organizer is the perfect solution for a tidier and more efficient shoe storage system.

Shoe Organizer For Closet

Having a messy closet is frustrating and can be time-consuming when finding a certain pair of shoes. That’s where a shoe organizer for the closet comes in handy. This handy storage solution allows you to access your shoes while keeping them neatly organized easily

Whether you’re a sneakerhead, a fashionista with a shoe addiction, or someone who wants a clutter-free closet – a shoe organizer is a perfect solution. Plus, with different sizes and styles, you can find the ideal option that suits your needs and enhances the overall aesthetic of your closet. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized life with a shoe organizer for your closet.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Keeping your shoes organized and easily accessible can be challenging, but you can restore order to your closet with a hanging shoe organizer. Hang it over the door or on a hook, and declutter your space while protecting your shoes from dust and damage. These organizers come in various sizes and designs so that you can find the perfect one for your collection. Whether you have sneakers, heels, or sandals, a hanging shoe organizer is essential for any shoe lover. Say goodbye to searching for a matching pair and hello to a tidy and efficient closet.

Under Bed Shoe Organizer

This handy storage solution allows you to keep your shoes neatly organized and off the ground, while taking up minimal space in your room. Plus, it’s perfect for those with limited closet space or anyone looking to add extra storage to their bedroom. Say goodbye to chaotic shoe piles and hello to a clutter-free space with an under-bed shoe organizer.

Wall Shoe Organizer

Keeping your shoes organized and easily accessible has never been easier, thanks to the wall shoe organizer. This handy accessory is perfect for anyone who wants to free up space on their closet floor or who wants an elegant way to showcase their shoe collection. 

With a sleek, modern design, the wall shoe organizer blends seamlessly into any decor while providing ample storage for shoes of all shapes and sizes. Made from durable materials, this organizer is built to last, meaning you can enjoy neatly organizing your shoes for many years. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to the wall shoe organizer.

How Do You Organize A Lot Of Shoes?

Depending on the available space and personal preferences, there are several ways to organize many shoes. Some common methods include shoe racks or shelves, hanging organizers, under-bed storage, and over-the-door organizers. It can be helpful to group shoes by type or occasion and to regularly purge any pairs that are no longer needed or worn.

How Do You Organize 100 Shoes?

One way to organize 100 shoes is to sort them by type (sneakers, boots, sandals, etc.) and then arrange them by color within each type. You can use shoe racks, cubbies, or shelves to store them neatly and make it easy to find the pair you need. Another option is to use clear plastic shoe boxes to store and stack them in a closet or storage area. Labeling the boxes can help you quickly locate the shoes you’re looking for.

How Can I Organize My Shoes Without A Shoe Rack?

There are several ways to organize your shoes without a shoe rack. You can use over-the-door shoe organizers, hanging shoe organizers, or even repurposing items like bookshelves or crates to store your shoes. Another option is to keep your shoes in their original boxes and stack them in a closet or under the bed. Be creative and find the best solution for your space and shoe collection.

How To Organize Shoes For Cheap?

One way to organize shoes cheaply is to use cardboard boxes or plastic bins to create designated storage spaces for each pair. Another cost-effective option is using an over-the-door shoe organizer or rack. You can also repurpose items you already have, such as a bookshelf or a hanging closet organizer.

How Do I Organize My Shoes In A Small Closet?

Here are some tips for organizing your shoes in a small closet:

  1. Use vertical space: Consider using vertical space by adding shoe racks or shelves on the walls of your closet.
  2. Utilize the floor: Use the floor of your closet by placing shoes in stackable shoe boxes or under-bed storage containers.
  3. Sort by season or frequency of use: Keep shoes you wear most often within easy reach, and store seasonal or occasional shoes out of the way.
  4. Use door organizers: Use over-the-door shoe organizers or hanging organizers to store shoes on the back of the closet door.
  5. Consider purging: If you have too many shoes, consider donating or selling some to free up space in your small closet.

How Do You Organize Too Many Shoes?

It’s important to regularly declutter and donate or sell shoes that are no longer needed or worn to keep your shoe collection manageable and organized. One way to organize too many shoes is by using storage solutions such as shoe racks, shoe cubbies, or shoe organizers that You can hang over the door. You can also categorize shoes by type (e.g., sneakers, heels, sandals) or frequency of use (e.g., everyday, special occasion) and store them accordingly.

How Do You Store Shoes In The Closet Neatly?

To keep your shoes organized and tidy in your closet, consider using a shoe rack or organizer in various sizes and materials. You can hang these organizers on the closet door or the floor. Another alternative is to use clear plastic shoe boxes with lids, which stack up nicely and offer the advantage of viewing the contents without opening each box. You can also group similar shoes and arrange them based on how often you wear them to simplify finding the shoes you need.

How Do You Style Shoes In A Closet?

When styling shoes in a closet, organize them by type (e.g., heels, flats, boots, etc.) and then by color. Use shoe racks, shelves, or cubbies to store the shoes in a visible and accessible way. You can also use hanging organizers or clear plastic shoe boxes to maximize space and protect the shoes. Another helpful tip is to keep the shoes you wear most frequently at eye level or within easy reach. Finally, consider adding lighting to your closet to make it easier to see and select the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion.

How Do You Arrange Shoes In A Small Closet?

Here are some tips for arranging shoes in a small closet:

  1. Use a shoe rack: A shoe rack will help to maximize space and keep shoes organized.
  2. Utilize the door: Hang a shoe organizer on the door to create additional storage space.
  3. Stack shoes: Stack shoes in the same style, like sneakers or sandals, to save space.
  4. Store out-of-season shoes: Place shoes not in season in storage boxes or under the bed.
  5. Use the floor space: Place shoes on the closet floor in an organized manner.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your small closet space while keeping your shoes organized and easy to access.

How Do You Organize Shoes In A Small Space DIY?

Here are a few DIY shoe organization ideas for small spaces:

  1. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer
  2. Make use of vertical space with a hanging shoe organizer
  3. Build a DIY shoe rack using PVC pipes or wooden crates
  4. Install floating shelves above a door or along a wall
  5. Use tension rods to create a shoe rack inside a closet

Choose the option that works best for your space and shoe collection. Happy organizing!

How Do You Display Shoes In A Small Space?

There are several ways to display shoes in a small space, including:

  1. Use vertical space: Consider using shelving units that go up to the ceiling or hanging shoe organizers on the back of a door or wall.
  2. Keep them visible: Store shoes in clear plastic boxes or on open shelves to keep them visible and easily accessible.
  3. Use the space under the bed: Invest in under-bed storage containers to keep shoes out of sight but still within reach.
  4. Create a shoe wall: Use a pegboard or a mounted rack to hang shoes on the wall, freeing up floor space.
  5. Optimize closet space: Use hanging organizers or cubbies to maximize closet space and keep shoes organized.

How Do You Organize A Lot Of Shoes In A Small Closet?

Here are a few tips for organizing a lot of shoes in a small closet:

  1. Use a shoe rack: A shoe rack can be placed at the bottom of the closet or hung on the back of the door to maximize space.
  2. Use shoe boxes or clear containers: Clear containers or shoe boxes can help to keep shoes organized and visible and can also help to protect them from dust and damage.
  3. Use vertical space: Consider adding shelves or stacking shoe boxes to use vertical space in the closet.
  4. Declutter: Get rid of any shoes you no longer wear or are damaged to create more space in your closet.
  5. Rotate your shoes: If you have more shoes than space, consider storing some in a separate location and rotating them seasonally.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Store Shoes?

The most effective way to store shoes is to keep them clean, dry, and in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It’s also best to store them in a way that supports their shape, such as using shoe trees or stuffing them with newspaper. Additionally, organizing them to make them easily accessible can help prevent damage and make finding the pair you’re looking for easier.

Is It Ok To Store Shoes In the Closet?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to store shoes in a closet. A closet is one of the best places to store shoes because it protects from dust, sunlight, and other potential sources of damage. However, ensuring the closet is clean and well-ventilated is important to prevent mold or mildew growth. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep the shoes organized and away from any sources of heat or moisture.

Is It Better To Keep Shoes In Boxes Or Out?

It’s generally better to keep shoes in boxes, as it helps to protect them from dust, sunlight, and other potential sources of damage. Additionally, storing shoes in their original boxes can make organizing and keeping track of them easier. However, if you don’t have enough space or prefer to display your shoes, keeping them out of the box is also an option as long as they are stored in a clean and dry place.

How Do You Store Shoes In A Bedroom Closet?

To organize shoes in a bedroom closet, a good approach is to use various storage options, such as shoe racks, hanging organizers, and transparent shoe boxes. Shoe racks can display and stack shoes neatly while hanging organizers help save space and accommodate shoes of various sizes. Clear shoe boxes are also helpful in protecting shoes and keeping them organized, making it easier to locate them. Additionally, sorting shoes by type or color can further aid in organization.

How Do You Organize Shoes In A Small Space?

There are several ways to organize shoes in a small space, such as using over-the-door shoe organizers, hanging shoe racks, or under-bed storage containers. Another option is to use shoe cubbies or shelves and to arrange shoes by type or color to make the most of the available space. It’s also important to regularly declutter and donate shoes that are no longer worn to free up additional space.

Where Do You Put Your Shoes In A Walk-In Closet?

It’s essential to keep your shoes organized and easily accessible to make getting dressed and finding the right pair of shoes a breeze. In a walk-in closet, you can put your shoes on a shoe rack or shelf, in shoe boxes or organizers, or in designated cubbies or compartments. The exact location depends on your preference and the design of your closet.

What is a Good Way to Store Shoes?

A good way to store shoes is to use a shoe rack or shoe cabinet, which not only keeps them organized but also prevents damage. Place the shoes you wear most often at the front for easy access. For seasonal shoes, consider using clear plastic boxes that can stack neatly in your closet or under the bed. It’s also crucial to let your shoes air out before storing them to prevent odor and maintain their shape.

How Do You Store Too Many Shoes?

If you have an extensive shoe collection, creative storage solutions are necessary. Over-the-door shoe organizers are great for saving space. Shoe cubbies and stackable shoe racks can also provide ample storage. For valuable or seldom-worn pairs, consider using clear drop-front shoe boxes which protect them from dust while allowing you to easily see what’s inside. Rotating your shoes seasonally can also free up space.

How Do I Organize My Shoes in My Inventory?

Organizing shoes in inventory requires a system that allows easy access and visibility. Start by sorting the shoes by type (sandals, sneakers, boots, etc.), then by color within each category. Use a shelving system or shoe racks to display them. Label each section so you can quickly find what you need. If you’re dealing with a large inventory, consider a digital management system to track your stock levels.

How Do You Arrange Sneakers?

Arranging sneakers can be done by style, usage, or color. Keep daily wear sneakers easily accessible, while special edition or less frequently worn pairs can be stored in protective boxes or displayed on higher shelves. Color coordination can also create a visually pleasing arrangement. Make sure to clean your sneakers regularly and allow them to air out to keep them in good condition.

What is a Shoe Organizer?

A shoe organizer is a storage solution designed specifically for footwear. It comes in various forms, including shoe racks, shoe cabinets, over-the-door hangers, shoe cubbies, and hanging shoe pockets. Shoe organizers help keep your shoes tidy, easily accessible, and in good condition by preventing them from being squashed or scratched. They can be placed in the closet, entryway, or any other suitable area in your home.

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