15+ Brilliant Open Closet Ideas to Get Organized and Make The Most of Your Storage Space

interior of an white open closet with drawers and clothes hanging inside

If you want to be smart about your closet space, it’s about making efficient use of the room. Creating an open closet that looks stylish and functional can be intimidating. But with some tricks, you can quickly turn any open closet into your favorite room. Here are +15 perfect open closet ideas to organize, make the most of your small storage space and create a stunning wardrobe.

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Clothing Racks

Clothing racks in a wooden wardrobe
Clothing racks in closets

Clothing racks are the perfect way to create an open and organized closet. From floor-to-wall clothing racks, you can display and store all of your favorite clothes and shoes in a visually-pleasing way that is both organized and stylish. Classic wooden garment racks add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom while providing plenty of room to hang your favorite coats and jackets. And with a tension rod, you can easily hang multiple items and differentiate them with hangers, trays, and baskets.

Closet Organizers

Open closet that has small drawers and clothing racks
Organized closet

When it comes to organizing an open closet, closet organizers are essential. They help you save time, space, and money while freeing up the floor area to install more storage solutions. Wall closet organizers come with all the necessary rods, shelving, and compartments to store everything from clothes to purses and shoes. Plus, many closet organizers are adjustable and offer a variety of combinations, so you can customize them to fit your specific needs.

Open Wardrobe Systems

Open designed closet that has clothes open closet ideas
Open wardrobes

Open wardrobe systems provide multiple functions in one compact and stylish package. They come with hanging rods, drawers, and shelving, so you can easily store and organize your wardrobe in one place. Many open wardrobe systems are adjustable and so customizable that you can mix and match different components. Plus, some come with mirrors and hooks for jewelry and scarves.

Shoe Storage Racks

Shoe storage racks full of shoes and boots
Storing Shoes in Open Closets
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Shoe storage racks are the perfect way to quickly turn any open closet into a stylish, well-organized wardrobe. Whether you’re storing a few pairs of shoes or an entire collection, shoe storage racks come in all shapes and sizes to match your style and needs. From vertical and horizontal racks to cabinets and boot organizers, shoe storage racks will help keep your closet organized and clutter-free.

Entire Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Open closet full of clothes in an empty room
Open closet design

Complete wardrobe storage solutions are the perfect way to go if you’re trying to create a beautiful wardrobe with an open closet. They provide the necessary components to organize your entire wardrobe, from clothes to accessories and linens. From full-scale freestanding wardrobe systems to stylish wall cabinets and shelves, complete wardrobe storage solutions provide a comprehensive storage solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Saving Space with Double-Duty Items

Double-duty items are the perfect solution if you have a small open closet that needs organization. Using items like a bed frame with a built-in closet or a picket bed with shelves and drawers, you can utilize the open space to create a functional and stylish wardrobe. And for an extra creative solution, try adding a few extra touches of décor, like a rug or a plant, to give your open closet a cozy and cozy atmosphere.

The Perfect Wardrobe with Built-In Closets

Built in wardrobe with drawers and hangers
Built-in open closets

If you’re looking for the perfect open closet, built-in closets are the ideal solution. By building an entire wardrobe system directly into the walls, you can create an entire wardrobe without taking up any extra space. Plus, you can combine a variety of hanging rods, shelves, and drawers, to create the perfect wardrobe of your dreams. And with additional features like mirrors and mirrors, you can easily make your open closet look its best.

Storing Seasonal Items

Creating a separate area for seasonal items is essential. Wall-mounted coat racks are a great way to separate and store winter coats while providing easy access to favorite coats and jackets. Also, many coat racks contain shelves and compartments for other shoes and accessories.

Keeping Smaller Items Organized

Wooden shelves that contain folded clothes
Organized items
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The sky is the limit when organizing smaller items in an open closet. From organizational bins and baskets to drawer organizers and boxes, there are various options to keep all your items organized and easily accessible. You can also customize your open closet with decorative items like garlands, wall hangings, and trinkets for a stylish look.

Showcasing Your Favorite Items

Open closet with pink and purple neon colored clothes and items on it
Showcasing with open closet

To make an open closet look stylish, you can permanently showcase your favorite items, like purses and jewelry. There are plenty of ways to show off your favorite pieces, from shelf dividers to wall-mounted displays. You can add shelves, drawers, and racks to your open closet to store and organize your favorite pieces, so they’re easy to access and enjoy.

Create an Open Space with Drawers

Open closet design with colorful clothes inside and wooden drawers on the bottom shelf
Open closet with drawers

Drawers are a great way to maximize storage in an open closet while still providing some visual appeal. With options ranging from dressers to drawer organizers and jewelry boxes, drawers provide a great way to store and showcase your items. Plus, with a bit of creativity, you can use drawers to easily separate and organize your items, so you can quickly find what you need.

Storing Bags and Accessories

Plenty of creative ways to keep your bags and accessories organized in your open closet. From wall-mounted racks to trunk dividers and hooks, there are various ways to keep your bags and accessories organized and accessible. Plus, with a few additional features like shelves and baskets, you can easily keep your entire wardrobe under control.

Adding a Dresser for Extra Storage

Open closet filled with clothes and has shelves
Open shelves

Adding a dresser to your open closet is a great way to store and showcase items in your wardrobe. From drawers to shelves, a dresser offers plenty of room to store and organize your items. Plus, a dresser provides the perfect way to emphasize certain pieces, like purses and scarves, so that you can make the most of your wardrobe.

Fill in The Floor with Racks

Racks are the perfect solution if you’re looking to maximize storage in your open closet. Whether trying to make the most of a small space or need a place to store additional items, racks are a great way to fill the floor and create a stylish wardrobe. With options ranging from folders racks to hanging racks and baskets, the possibilities are endless.

Installing More Cabinets and Hanging Racks

White open closet with hanging racks and shelves in warm color tones
Hanging racks for more space

For those with more oversized open closets, installing additional cabinets and hanging racks is a great way to maximize storage and create a stylish wardrobe. From floor-to-wall racks and hooks, adding more cabinets and hanging racks to your open closet will help you keep your items organized and accessible. Plus, with different styles and finishes, you can easily create a personalized wardrobe that speaks of you and your style.

Open Closet in the Bathroom


If you’re looking for an even more creative way to organize your open closet, consider installing it in your bathroom. You can easily incorporate open shelving into your existing space and create a unique, stylish, organized wardrobe. Plus, with the right accessories and dressers, you can easily keep your items organized and accessible. Try adding a side table or dresser to your bathroom and utilizing it as part of your open closet. You can also use wall-mounted racks, shelves, and drawers to store items such as towels and beauty products.  With these creative ideas, you’ll be able to create an open closet in the bathroom that looks great and keeps everything in its place.

Open Linen Closet Ideas

There are plenty of creative ideas for making their open linen closet more organized and stylish. From hanging shelves and organizers to decorative baskets, there’s no limit to how you can transform your open linen closet into an inviting space. Plus, with hooks and wall-mounted hangers, you can easily store and organize your towels, sheets, and other linens, so they’re easy to access.

Open Bathroom Closet Ideas

Suppose you’re looking to make the most of your open bathroom closet. With shelves and baskets, you can easily create an organized area that keeps all your items separate and in one spot. You can use dividers or drawers to create storage space for beauty products, towels, and other accessories. To add visual interest to the area, you can also opt for decorative baskets or boxes to keep your items organized while adding style to the room.

For an added layer of organization, you can use hooks and wall-mounted racks so that everything from your towels to your shower essentials is within easy reach. With a few simple touches, you can create an open bathroom closet that’s both organized and stylish.

Open Closet System

Open closet system has hanging rack with dark clothes
Simple open closet design

An open closet system can be the perfect way to maximize your storage space and create a chic, open wardrobe. From open wooden shelves and drawers to wire racks and mesh baskets, you can easily arrange your clothing items aesthetically pleasing while offering plenty of room for all accessories. With an open closet system, you can easily mix and match different pieces to create a unique look.

Multi-Level Hanging System

Try a multi-level hanging system if you want an open closet but don’t have much vertical space. This system is ideal for those with limited wall space who want to make the most of their open closet. Using both sides of the wall, you can hang multiple items at various heights and store jewelry, scarves, and other accessories in the middle.

Vintage Ladders

Why not try using vintage ladders if you’re looking for a unique way to organize an open closet? You can use these ladders to hang clothing and accessories interestingly, adding a bit of personality to the room.

Open Closet Shelves

Wooden open closet shelves and hanging racks
Open shelving

Create an innovative and modern space with open closet shelves. From wood to metal, from wire to hooks, you can easily sort clothing items and accessories for a chic storage area that looks great too! Utilize the extra baskets or clips for your favorite pieces of jewelry or hats – it’s easy to create a stylish look without sacrificing versatility or organization.

Open Closet Organizer

Small white open closet has white clothes hanging
Organize your open closet
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If you’re looking for an efficient way to organize your open closet, consider adding some clever storage solutions. An open wardrobe system with hanging rods and shelves can help maximize space and make the most of your limited area. Customizing your closet with adjustable shelving, hooks, baskets, and other organizational accessories allows you to fit even more items into your closet. With a few creative touches, you can transform your open closet into an efficient, stylish storage area that perfectly suits your needs.

Open Closet in Bedroom

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate an open closet into your bedroom, why not try creating a multi-functional piece of furniture? From shelves and drawers to cabinets and hanging rods, you can easily create a piece of furniture that serves as storage and decor. This is the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of open closet space but still want to make the most of your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for an open closet system or want to fill the floor with racks, these ideas will help you create your dream wardrobe. With creative storage solutions and additional features like shelves and baskets, you can easily organize your items and create a stylish wardrobe. So, take the time to explore these open closet ideas and bring your dream wardrobe to life. You won’t regret it!

Open Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

White small empty open closet with hanging racks
Utilize your space

If you have a small open closet or limited floor space, try using wall shelves and hanging racks to maximize storage. Wall shelves are a great way to store folded items like sweaters and jeans while hanging racks can keep your more delicate pieces from wrinkling. Additionally, adding baskets in different sizes and colors can be fun to create extra storage and add a bit of personality to the room. Finally, if you’re looking for additional shelving, try adding floating shelves around the walls or hanging baskets from above. This will give you plenty of space for storing items while also helping your open closet look stylish and organized.

Creating an organized dream wardrobe doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right open closet ideas, you can easily create a functional and stylish wardrobe that reflects your style and personality. So take the time to explore these ideas and transform your storage space into something special!

Small Open Closet Ideas

You can create the perfect storage solution for your small space with the right open closet ideas! If you have limited open closet space, you must make the most of what you have. Try utilizing multiple rods and shelves to create an organized storage system that allows you to find items quickly and easily. You can also add mesh cubes for additional storage or use vertical dividers to separate different types of clothing. Additionally, you can take advantage of wall space by adding shelves or hanging baskets to make the most of your closet. You can even add a hook system to hang accessories and jewelry in an organized manner.

Open Closet Door Ideas

If you want to add style and personality to your open closet, try adding a unique door to some of its parts. You can easily find the perfect style for your closet. Additionally, you can use curtains or fabric panels to create an open and inviting atmosphere. Investing in a unique door for your open closet will add style and personality to the room while making it easier to store neat and organized items. So, explore these ideas and add a unique touch to your closet!

Open Closet Wardrobe

An open closet wardrobe can make all the difference for those with a bit more space to work with. Open closets offer plenty of hanging and shelving options for clothing items and accessories while providing a stylish display for your favorite pieces. With this system, you can easily store everything from dresses to ties in an organized manner without taking up too much floor space.

The open closet organization doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With the right tools and creative ideas, you can easily keep your entire wardrobe under control. From dressers and racks to cabinets and ladders, these open closet ideas will help you create an organized and stylish wardrobe that speaks of your unique style. And with all these extra storage options, you can make the most of your wardrobe and accessories—like purses and scarves—so you can look your best every day!

Open Closet Design

White open closet has shelves and white clothes hanging
Modern open closet designs

Add a coat rack to your open closet for easy access and a beautiful look! With options from standing to wall-mounted racks, you can easily find the perfect coat rack that fits your style. And if you want something extra special, consider choosing an antique or vintage clothing rack for added charm and character.

Keep clothing items organized and in their designated closet spaces. From shelf dividers to clothing racks, adding a few extra organization tools will help you quickly find the clothing item you’re looking for. With open closet ideas, you can easily organize and display your wardrobe in style!

Open Wardrobe Design

Open wardrobe systems are a great way to maximize storage in small spaces. Open wardrobes allow you to easily store and organize clothing items and accessories while providing a beautiful visual appeal. Plus, with accessories like baskets, dividers, and shelves, open wardrobe systems help you keep everything organized and in its place. Whether you’re looking to create a chic open wardrobe in your bedroom or an open system in the hallway, open wardrobes offer plenty of storage solutions for small spaces.

With these open wardrobe ideas, you can keep your entire wardrobe organized and make the most of your small space. So explore these great ideas to create the perfect open wardrobe system for your home!

Open Closet Ideas With Curtains

If you’re looking for a way to add privacy and style to your open closet, curtains offer the perfect solution. From patterned fabric to sheer gauze, curtains come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Plus, with so many color and texture options, you can customize your open closet to fit any decorating style. Curtains also provide a great way to separate different closet sections while providing an extra layer of privacy and security. With the right curtain choice, you can easily create an organized and stylish open closet that is perfect for any home.

What is an open closet called?

An open closet is a closet that does not have any doors or walls that close off the space within it. This type of closet is perfect for people who want to access their clothes quickly and those who want to store more clothing than possible in a traditional closet.

Is it a good idea to have an open closet?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as deciding whether to have an open closet depends on various factors specific to your situation. However, some experts believe that having an open closet can be beneficial because it allows you to see what clothes are available easily and eliminates the need to search through drawers and cabinets. Additionally, an open closet can help you stay organized and save time by avoiding constantly searching for clothes when you’re looking for something specific.

How do I make my cute closet open?

There are a few ways to make your closet open. You can buy a wardrobe door hinge, or you can use a door bar. A wardrobe door hinge is a metal piece that attaches to your doorframe and opens and closes like a door. Door bars are made of metal or wood and attach to the doorjamb on one side and the wall on the other. You can buy door bars at home improvement stores or online.

How do you make an open closet look good?

You can do a few things to make an open closet look good. First, you can add decorative elements, like a curtain or a shelf. You can also add some storage by installing a shelving unit or a rack. Finally, you can choose a closet design complementary to the rest of your room and ensure the closet is sized correctly for your needs.

How do you style a closet without a door?

There are a few different ways to style a closet without a door. You can use hanging clothes racks or shelving to organize the space. You can also use baskets to store items.

How do you organize an open-shelf closet?

There are a few different ways to style a closet without a door. One way is to use a rail system to divide the space into separate sections. You can also use hanging clothes racks or shelving to organize the space. You can also use baskets to store items or combine these methods to create the perfect layout for your closet.

Do open closets get dusty?

Yes, open closets can get dusty. This is because the air in an open closet is not as conditioned as in a closed closet and therefore contains more dust.

Is open closet a good idea?

An open closet is a great idea for anyone looking to maximize the storage space in their bedroom or another living space. With an open closet, you can easily see what you have at any given time and know exactly where to go if you’re looking for something specific. It also helps reduce stress levels since there won’t be any reason to search through a potentially cluttered wardrobe frantically.

Additionally, this type of organization can help maintain a neat and tidy home, which adds both an aesthetic appeal as well as reduces dust accumulation in your clothes from being stored away too long behind closed doors. Moreover, having an open closet means that it is easier to access items quicker when getting ready in the morning. Lastly, it provides more visibility into which clothing pieces need replacing or altering due to wear and tear so that garments stay fresh longer than they would otherwise with traditional storage solutions such as drawers or enclosed closets. All these benefits make having an open closet system a sensible investment!

How do you store clothes in an open closet?

Using an open closet to store clothes can be a great way to maximize the space in your home. The key is to be organized and use smart storage solutions.

One of the most important things to consider when storing clothes in an open closet is what shelving system you will use. If you opt for conventional shelves, it’s essential that they are adjustable so that you can tailor them to fit any size or type of clothing item. Hang rods, cubbies, and baskets also make excellent additions if your closet has enough room for these accessories.

Once you have determined the storage system for your open closet, there are some simple practices that can help with organization:

Prioritize clothing items based on size – Store larger items (jackets and coats) near the ground level, while lighter items (t-shirts and sweaters) should go higher up where you’ll still have easy access but not take up as much space;
Layer pieces by season – This will help minimize clutter while still allowing easy access when needed;
Designate a shelf or cube for shoes – Keeping all shoe-related items together off the ground helps keep everything neat and tidy;
Utilize baskets or boxes – For smaller items such as socks, underwear, or ties; these should be stored within containers instead of loose on shelves ;
Divide hanging clothes by the color – Color coding makes it easier to find specific articles quickly without having them mixed in with other pieces.

By following these simple strategies, organizing your open closet becomes easy! With careful maintenance, keeping your wardrobe well organized doesn’t have to seem like a daunting task anymore!

Are open closets a good idea?

Open closets can be an excellent idea for those who prefer a more minimalistic and accessible approach to organizing their wardrobe. They offer easy access to your clothes, shoes, and accessories, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, open closets can make a room feel more spacious and airy, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

What are the disadvantages of open closets?

While open closets have their benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider. The lack of doors and enclosures can lead to dust accumulation on your clothing and accessories. Open closets also require more frequent maintenance and organization, as clutter and disarray are more visible. Lastly, they may not be the best option for those who prefer privacy or have limited space in their room.

How do I open up my closet space?

To open up your closet space, start by decluttering and removing any items you no longer need or wear. Next, consider using slim hangers to save space and hanging rods at different heights to accommodate various clothing lengths. Incorporate shelves and storage bins for shoes and accessories, and use hooks or pegs for hats, belts, and scarves. Finally, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall to create the illusion of a larger space.

How do you organize clothes in an open closet?

Organizing clothes in an open closet can be made more manageable with these tips:

  1. Categorize your clothing by type, such as tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear.
  2. Arrange items by color within each category to create a visually appealing display and make it easier to find specific pieces.
  3. Use uniform hangers for a cohesive look and to save space.
  4. Fold and stack bulky items like sweaters and jeans on shelves or in bins.
  5. Store shoes on designated racks or shelves, arranging them by style or color.
  6. Utilize hooks or pegs for hanging accessories like belts, scarves, and hats.
  7. Regularly maintain and declutter your open closet to keep it organized and visually appealing.

What do you put over an open closet?

Over an open closet, you can install a curtain to provide coverage and add a touch of elegance to your room. This option is not only cost-effective but also versatile, as you can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics to match your room’s decor. If you prefer a more modern look, consider using a sliding panel or a screen. For a natural, cozy vibe, opt for materials like bamboo or rattan.

How can I hide my open closet?

Hiding an open closet can be achieved in several ways. One of the most common methods is using curtains, which offer flexibility and can be pulled back when you need to access the closet. You could also use a folding screen or room divider, which can be moved around as needed. For a more permanent solution, consider installing sliding doors or panels. Another unique idea is to use bookshelves or a large piece of furniture to conceal the closet area.

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