8 Sweet and Genius Nursery Closet Ideas for Maximum Organization: Create a Functional and Stylish Space for Your Baby

white built in kids closet

As expectant parents, one of the most exciting tasks while preparing for your baby’s arrival is designing their nursery. Among the various elements that make up a nursery, the closet often plays a crucial role in organizing and storing your baby’s clothes, accessories, and essentials.

A well-organized and functional nursery closet not only makes your life easier but also adds a touch of style to the overall decor. In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of nursery closet ideas to help you create the perfect space for your little one.

From built-in closets to freestanding solutions, we’ve got you covered with creative and practical ideas that will make you fall in love with your baby’s closet.

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1. Built-in Baby Closet Ideas

White built in nursery closet ideas
White built-in closet

If you have the space and budget, built-in baby closets can be a game-changer in terms of functionality and aesthetics. These closets are custom-designed to fit your specific needs and can include features like built-in dressers, pull-out drawers, and cubby storage. Let’s explore some inspiring built-in baby closet ideas that will make you swoon.

Closet with Built-in Dresser

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One of the most stunning built-in baby closets is the one that includes a built-in dresser. This design not only saves precious floor space in your nursery but also adds a touch of elegance. To achieve this look, you may need the expertise of a custom cabinetry person or a very handy spouse.

By placing the dresser drawers inside the closet, you can opt for a more decorative and open changing table for your baby. It’s a perfect combination of style and functionality.

All-White Closet with Open Shelving

White closet with open shelves
Open shelves in kid’s closet

For a clean and versatile look, consider an all-white closet with open shelving. This design works well for both genders and offers a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing drawers. Instead of drawers, you can use baskets to store your baby’s items.

While the cost of baskets can add up, the open shelving provides a visually appealing display of your baby’s clothes and accessories. Consider adding a tiered acrylic shoe shelf for an added touch of organization and style.

Nursery Closet with Customization Options

Green kids room with reach in closet
Green kid’s closet

If you have a small nursery closet, don’t fret! With a little effort, you can create a customized closet that maximizes the available space. For example, you can purchase a closet system and modify it to fit your specific needs.

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By swapping out the plastic white rods with oak closet rods, you can instantly elevate the look and functionality of your nursery closet. Utilize the top shelf for storing larger baby items, such as blankets or stuffed animals.

Baby Closet Ideas

Soft pink baby's room with small bed and toys
Baby’s room

Designing your baby’s closet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when decorating their nursery, but a well-organized closet can make all the difference. Nursery closet ideas range from simple storage solutions to elaborate built-in systems, ensuring that your baby’s clothes and accessories are easily accessible.

Imagine opening your baby’s closet and finding everything in its place – tiny onesies neatly hung, shoes lined up perfectly, and shelves dedicated to diapers, wipes, and burp cloths. Creating a functional and stylish baby’s closet is a great way to simplify your daily routine and keep your little one’s space clutter-free.

Personalized Closet with Drawer Organizers

Blue kid closet with paintings on it
Nursery closet organization

As your baby grows, their wardrobe expands, and keeping everything organized becomes essential. When transitioning your older child into a new room, you can create a personalized closet that reflects their personality.

For example, you can add adorable drawer pulls, such as bow-shaped handles, to give the closet system a unique touch. Utilize drawer organizers to create dedicated spaces for small items like socks, shoes, and bathing suits. This way, everything has its place, and you can easily find what you need.

Creative Wallpaper Accent

Kids room with wallpaper and large reach in closet
Wallpaper in nursery room

Adding wallpaper to the back wall of your baby’s closet can make a significant impact and add a personalized touch to the space. Opting for a unique and eye-catching wallpaper pattern can transform a plain closet into a stylish focal point.

This creative idea works particularly well for twin nurseries, where each child can have their own designated section. The wallpaper accent creates a visually appealing backdrop for displaying your baby’s clothes and accessories.

2. Freestanding Nursery Closet Ideas

Blue closet with open shelves
Standing kid’s closet

If your nursery room doesn’t have a built-in closet or if you’re renting a home, freestanding nursery closet ideas can be the perfect solution. These portable and versatile options provide ample storage space and can be easily moved or reconfigured as your needs change.

Let’s explore some inspiring freestanding nursery closet ideas that combine functionality and style.

Freestanding Closet with Pull-Out Drawers

Grey kid closet with shelves and rods
Nursery closet organization

A freestanding closet with pull-out drawers offers a convenient and visually appealing storage solution for your baby’s clothes and accessories. The pull-out drawers provide easy access to the stored items, and the glass fronts add a touch of elegance.

This type of closet organization not only keeps everything organized but also allows you to see what’s inside each drawer at a glance. Consider incorporating this design into a boho-themed nursery for a cohesive and stylish look.

Freestanding Cubby Storage Unit

Green kid's room with green closet
Green nursery closet with cubbies

For a budget-friendly and space-saving option, consider adding a freestanding cubby storage unit to your nursery closet. This simple yet effective solution allows you to maximize the available space without the need for installation.

By using baskets or bins, you can easily organize and categorize your baby’s clothes and essentials. The neutral fabric of the storage unit blends seamlessly with various nursery themes, making it a versatile choice.

Maximizing Space without Installation

Blue nursery closet with wallpaper
Blue nursery room closet

If you prefer not to install a new closet system, there are creative ways to maximize space in a traditional closet without any major modifications. For example, a stand-alone plastic drawer organizer can fill the bottom half of the closet, providing convenient storage for smaller items.

Additionally, utilizing the back of the closet door with an over-the-door organizer can provide extra space for items like shoes or accessories. Labeling each drawer and section ensures that everything has its designated place.

Rustic Freestanding Closet with Baskets

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For a unique and affordable option, consider a rustic freestanding closet with a bookshelf and baskets. This design adds a touch of charm to the nursery while providing ample storage space.

The bookshelf can hold various baby essentials, while the wire baskets offer a fun and functional way to display swaddles and other items that you don’t need to hide away. This option works particularly well for smaller spaces and can be easily personalized with decorative touches.

3. Creative Hanging Ideas for Baby’s Closet

When it comes to organizing a small nursery closet, it’s essential to utilize every inch of available space. There are plenty of baby closet ideas while keeping your baby’s accessories easily accessible. Let’s explore some innovative hanging ideas for your baby’s closet.

Storage for Newborn Clothes

Pink baby's room with white drawers
Baby’s room storage

As parents prepare for their newborn’s arrival, one thing at the forefront of their minds is organizing the nursery closet. With limited space and an abundance of tiny clothes, creating the perfect storage setup can seem daunting. However, plenty of baby closet ideas can help optimize the area. From adding shelves and dividers to utilizing hanging organizers and storage bins, the possibilities are endless.

By taking the time to organize baby clothes, not only will it be easier to find what you need, but it will also help extend the life of the clothing as it won’t be crumpled or lost in the corner of the closet. Prioritize storage space in the nursery closet, and rest assured that your baby’s clothing will have a tidy home.

Side Wall Storage for Accessories

Room with built in closets and kids room decoration
Nursery room closets

If you’re dealing with a small nursery closet, think outside the box and utilize the side walls for storing and displaying accessories. For instance, you can hang towel rods and use little clips to hang bows, hats, booties, mittens, or swaddle blankets.

This creative use of the side wall not only maximizes space but also adds a decorative element to the closet. Customize the hanging area based on your baby’s gender and specific needs.

How to Organize Newborn Clothes

Green room with built in clsoets
Built-in nursery closet

There are some clever closet organization ideas that can help make the most of your baby closet space. One great option is to utilize the closet doors themselves. You can attach an over-the-door organizer or even create your own using shoe organizers for small items like socks and bibs.

Consider sorting clothes by size in designated bins or storage boxes, and labeling them accordingly. And don’t forget to regularly re-evaluate what your little one has outgrown or needs more of to keep things manageable.

4. Additional Baby Closet Inspiration

White classic luxury closet with baby stuff in it
Stylish nursery closets

While the previous sections explored specific types of nursery closet ideas, this section features a collection of additional breathtaking baby closet inspirations. These ideas showcase the creativity and attention to detail of many parents who have designed stunning nursery closets. Let’s take a look at these inspiring designs.

Nursery Closet Design

Nursery built in closet with toys and decors
Kid’s room closet ideas

With the right nursery closet design, you can easily maximize space and keep all of your baby’s things neatly organized. One key element to consider is a door organizer, which can provide additional storage for items like bibs, hats, and socks. A changing table is another important feature to incorporate into the closet, as it allows you to easily change your baby’s clothes and diapers in one convenient location.

Small Nursery Closet Ideas

Designing a nursery for your little one can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to creating storage solutions in a small space. If you’re struggling with minimizing clutter in your nursery closet, look no further than these small nursery closet ideas.

From utilizing vertical space with hanging organizers to incorporating shelving units and basket storage, there are plenty of ways to maximize storage potential in your baby’s closet. And don’t forget about the closet door – try installing a hanging organizer on the back to store shoes, hats, or even diapers.

5. Maximizing Space with Double Hanging

Double hanging closet with drawe3rs and a mirror
Double hanging space in nursery closet

When organizing your baby’s closet, it’s essential to consider their unique clothing needs. Babies’ clothes are often short, and a standard one-rod closet may not provide the most efficient use of space. Creating double hanging sections is a great way to maximize vertical space and accommodate your baby’s clothing collection.

How to Hang Newborn Clothes

Hanging space is a must-have for any baby closet organization, as it allows you to easily see and access your little one’s garments. When it comes to hanging newborn clothes, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

First, make sure you have appropriate hangers, such as ones with clips or nonslip features, to prevent clothes from slipping off.

Second, group clothes by type, size, or color to make them easy to find. Don’t forget to also utilize dresser drawers for folded items like onesies and pants to maximize space.

Nursery Closet

With a few adjustable shelves and a closet organizer, you will create an efficient storage system for all baby gear and clothes. Don’t neglect the door storage, utilize it to store smaller items like bibs or socks. It’s important to make use of any unused space in the closet for maximum storage.

Whether you’re sorting baby clothes by size or color, keeping everything in order will help make dressing your little one a breeze.

Nursery Closet Ideas

It’s important to keep in mind that your baby’s essentials, such as diapers, blankets, and clothes, should be easily accessible. Consider using storage bins to separate different categories of clothing, like onesies and pajamas. Clear storage bins are a great way to quickly see what’s inside, which can save time during those bleary-eyed late-night diaper changes.

Don’t forget about adult clothes too! It’s a good idea to keep a separate area for your own clothes so they don’t get mixed up with your little ones. And when it comes to baby shoes, they can quickly take over a closet. Consider a shoe organizer to keep those little kicks in order.

Infant Clothing Storage

When it comes to baby closets, organization is key. But what happens when you’re dealing with a small nursery closet? That’s where closet shelves and drawer organizers come in handy. With a little creativity and some thoughtful planning, you can maximize the space in your baby’s closet and keep their clothing and accessories neat and tidy.

Whether you use hanging shelves or stackable organizers, there’s a solution out there that will work for you and your little one.

Nursery Clothes Storage

Utilizing vertical space is key – hang outfits on hangers and store them in a closet organizer. Consider dedicating the top shelf of the closet to out-of-season clothes and other items that aren’t used regularly. Leave the lower shelves for daily use items, like onesies and burp cloths.

And don’t forget about making space for your baby boy’s growing collection; investing in storage bins that can be tucked away under the crib is a great way to make efficient use of space while keeping everything tidy.

Nursery Closet Storage Ideas

One great idea is to install closet rods at different heights to accommodate various sizes of clothing. Another trick is to use small baskets or bins for hair accessories and other small items. As your baby grows out of their clothes, consider storing them in labeled bins or vacuum-sealed bags to free up space.

Finally, keep everyday essentials within reach by using hooks or shelves on the inside of the closet door.

Nursery Closet Organization

Nursery closet organization is not only a practical solution but also a great idea for parents who want to keep their little one’s room tidy and organized. Imagine opening the top drawer of a beautifully organized closet, perfectly divided into sections by drawer dividers.

There’s a place for everything, including those small items that seem to get lost in the shuffle. With extra space and a fun way to store everything, it’s every parent’s dream come true. Giving each item its own place not only frees up space, but it makes finding what you need a breeze.

How do I organize my small nursery closet?

  • Start by decluttering and removing items your baby no longer needs.
  • Install shelving or use hanging organizers to maximize space.
  • Use bins or baskets to store small items like socks, hats, and toys.
  • Hang baby clothes by size and type, making them easily accessible.
  • Consider labeling bins or shelves to keep everything in its place.
  • Store frequently used items at eye level for easy access.
  • Keep baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and blankets within reach.

What do you put in a nursery closet?

  • Baby clothes (sorted by size and type)
  • Diapers, wipes, and changing supplies
  • Baby blankets and swaddles
  • Baby shoes and accessories
  • Baby bedding and crib sheets
  • Nursery decor and extra baby gear
  • Nursing or feeding supplies (if applicable)

What should be hung in baby closet?

  • Baby clothes (onesies, dresses, pants, jackets)
  • Baby coats or outerwear
  • Special occasion outfits
  • Lightweight baby blankets

How do you organize a kids craft closet?

  • Use clear bins or drawers to store craft supplies like markers, crayons, glue, and paper.
  • Sort craft items by type or project, making it easy to find what you need.
  • Label bins or shelves to keep everything organized.
  • Consider a pegboard for hanging art supplies and tools.
  • Store fragile or hazardous items out of reach of small children.
  • Regularly declutter and replace old or dried-out supplies.

Do I need a closet in a nursery?

A closet in a nursery can be very useful for storing baby essentials, clothes, and other items. However, it’s not absolutely necessary. You can use alternative storage solutions like dressers, shelves, or under-crib storage if you don’t have a closet.

How do I organize my nursery closet?

  • Install shelving or use hanging organizers to maximize space.
  • Use bins or baskets to store small items like socks, hats, and toys.
  • Hang baby clothes by size and type, making them easily accessible.
  • Consider labeling bins or shelves to keep everything in its place.
  • Store frequently used items at eye level for easy access.
  • Keep baby essentials like diapers, wipes, and blankets within reach.

How do you set up a newborn closet?

  • Set up a newborn closet similarly to organizing a nursery closet.
  • Hang newborn clothes and essentials, keeping them easily accessible.
  • Use shelves or drawers for items like diapers, wipes, and blankets.
  • Keep frequently used items within arm’s reach for convenience.

What goes in a babys closet?

  • Baby clothes (sorted by size and type)
  • Diapers, wipes, and changing supplies
  • Baby blankets, swaddles, and bedding
  • Baby shoes and accessories
  • Baby gear and equipment (if space allows)
  • Nursing or feeding supplies (if applicable)

How do you store your baby clothes?

You can store baby clothes in various ways, such as in drawers, closets, or shelves. The choice depends on your available space and personal preference.

Should you store baby clothes in boxes or plastic?

It’s generally better to store baby clothes in breathable containers like cardboard boxes or fabric bins. Avoid using airtight plastic containers, as they can trap moisture and lead to mildew growth. Make sure the containers are clean and dry before storing clothes.

How do you store baby clothes in limited space?

If you have limited space, consider using space-saving storage solutions like under-bed storage bins, hanging organizers, or vacuum-sealed storage bags. You can also utilize the back of doors or the inside of closet doors for extra storage.

Where do you keep newborn clothes?

Newborn clothes can be kept in a dedicated drawer or shelf within a nursery or your bedroom. Ensure that they are easily accessible for quick changes, especially during the first few months.

How do I organize my nursery without a closet?

To organize a nursery without a closet, use furniture with built-in storage, such as dressers or armoires. Install wall-mounted shelves, hooks, or pegs to hang clothing, accessories, and baby essentials. Consider using storage baskets or bins to keep items organized and easily accessible.

Can a closet be used as a nursery?

Yes, a closet can be converted into a nursery if you have limited space. You can remove the closet doors, add shelving, and install a changing table or crib to make efficient use of the space. Ensure the space is well-ventilated and meets safety standards for a nursery.

How do you hang clothes in a nursery without a closet?

If you don’t have a closet, you can use wall-mounted hooks or pegs to hang clothes. Install a sturdy hanging rod on the wall for larger clothing items. You can also consider a freestanding clothing rack or open wardrobe for easy access to baby’s clothes.

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