12 Best Closet Design Ideas That Will Bring Luxury into Your Home

modern white and beige built in closet with hangers and drawers

Having a good closet design is a crucial feature in the home. Not only does a well-designed closet give you somewhere to store all of your clothes and possessions, but it can also help to make your home look luxurious, stylish, and organized. Creating a closet that is both luxurious and practical can be a difficult task, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make it happen.

Here, we’ll be looking at the 12 best closet design ideas that can help you bring some luxury into your home.

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Go with Walk-in Closets

Empty wooden walk in closet with an island
Walk-in closets

Walk-in closets are a great way to add luxury to your home. These spacious closets are ideal for organizing all your clothes and possessions, giving you plenty of space to store and hang everything. Not only are they great for their practical purpose, but they also look very stylish and luxurious.

They can be fitted with drawers, shelves, racks, and hangers to suit your needs and create a unique closet design. Buying a wardrobe to suit the size and shape of your closet, organizing it neatly, and even adding a mini-fitness room can make it the star of your home.

Choose the Best Materials

Modern glossy built in closet with sliding doors and hangers
High-quality closets
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When it comes to bringing luxury into your home, the materials you choose will make a big difference. You should opt for premium materials and stylish finishes that will give the closet an all-around luxurious look. This could include adding mirrors to the walls, using gold for the fixtures, or adding velvet-lined drawers for softer finishes.

Wood-paneling, luxurious fabrics, and high-end hardware can also come in handy when decorating your closet and adding some opulence to it.

Hang Baskets and Shelves

Small walk in closet led lighted sections and drawers with baskets on them
Closet design ideas

Hanging baskets and shelves are a great way to add extra storage space in your closet and keep everything neatly organized. You could arrange a series of shelves to save space and store folded items or hang up baskets that can store smaller items and help bring some texture into the room. Neutral colors such as beige, white, or gray will help to give the closet a more luxurious and elegant look.

Make Shelves Appealing

White built in closet with glass inserted doors and ottoman in front of it
Showcasing with shelves

When decorating your closet, make sure that the shelves look as pleasing as possible. Strategically placing items such as jewelry trays, scented candles, or luxury perfumes can help to give the closet a beautiful look, while organizing things into containers or boxes gives the room an efficient and tidy look.

Utilize Your Colour Scheme

Industrial style black reach in closet in a room with brick walls
Choosing color for closets

Color is an important aspect of any design, and it can help to give a luxurious feel to your closet. A warm palette such as soft grey, ivory, and rose gold will help to give the space an opulent look, as it will bring your shelves and drawers to life. Mirrors and lights are also a great way to make the closet look brighter and more inviting.

Think About the Layout

Modern men's walk in closet with black closets and bench in the middle
Modern closet layout
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When it comes to the layout of your closet, it’s important to get it right. You should think carefully about where to place shelves, hanging racks, and drawers in order to maximize the available space and make sure that all your items are easily accessible. Traditional layouts are generally best for closets, with long hanging clothing rails along the walls and shelves to store folded items.

Use Decluttering Tricks

Wooden beige walk in small closet with small chandelier
Small closet design

Having a neat and organized closet is essential for creating a luxurious space. Investing in storage solutions such as shoe racks or jewelry organizers will help to keep things neat and tidy. You should also be sure to declutter your closet on a regular basis, reducing the number of items to just those that are absolutely essential.

Add Finishing Touches

Western style reach in closet with hats and boots in it
Closet designs

The finishing touches are an important step when it comes to creating a luxurious space. Consider adding items such as task lights, area rugs, or paintings that will help to enhance the look and feel of the closet. You could also add some scented candles or air fresheners to make the space smell fresh and welcoming.

Going Minimalist

Grey concrete looking closet with hangers and open shelves
Minimalist grey closet

The minimalist aesthetic is popular for a reason: it looks great! If your home is decorated in a minimalist style, then you’ll want your closet to be, too. Colors like white, black, and grey are popular choices for closets, as are storage components like built-in shelves, drawers, and baskets. Keep it simple, modern, and orderly.

Making the Most of a Small Closet

Small walk in closet that has drawers and storage boxes
Small walk-in closet design

If you’re working with a small closet, then fear not! There are plenty of great closet design ideas that can help you make the most of the space. Mirrors make a great tool to create the illusion of more space, as does using a combination of open and closed storage.

Floating shelves above the hanging areas are also great for freeing up more space.

Creating Open-Air Options

Modern lighted walk in closet with open shelves that has folded clothes on them
Open shelves in walk-in closets

Open-air storage components like shelving units and shoe racks are perfect for showing off your favorite items. To make it easier to find things, try using labeled baskets to store items like scarves, hats, and gloves. You can also use clear boxes or acrylic containers to keep items organized.

Bringing In Natural Elements

Wooden wardrobe that has engravings on its doors
Wooden door closet designs

Adding natural elements to your closet can give it a luxurious feel. Try using cedar or bamboo baskets to store items, or natural wood shelves to keep your shoes and accessories organized. You can also use plants to bring a little bit of life to the space.

Closet Design Ideas for Master Bedroom

Luxury glass door reach in closet with clothes hanging inside
Modern luxurious closet designs

A well-designed closet can make all the difference in a master bedroom. From maximizing closet space to clever storage solutions, there are endless possibilities for creating a functional and visually appealing closet design. Whether you prefer a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet, the design of your closet should reflect your personal style and make the most of the space available .

With the right combination of shelving, hanging rods, and drawers, you can create a master closet that not only meets your wardrobe needs but also adds value to your home.

Closet Design Ideas for Small Walk in

Green louvered closet with open shelves and hanging rods
Green small closet design

A small walk in closet can easily be transformed from just a storage space into a stylish and functional area with the right design ideas. Custom closet solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, maximizing the use of every inch of space. Think vertically with adjustable shelves and rods, and consider the addition of drawer units and shoe racks to create a clutter-free and organized space.

Adding mirrors and lighting can also enhance the functionality and ambiance of the closet. Don’t let a small space limit your options – with the right design, your small walk in closet can become a stylish and practical space.

Closet Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

Black walk in closet with counter and glass door closets
Luxury black walk-in closet

If you have a small bedroom, you might find that you don’t have enough space in your closet to store all your clothes and accessories. However, with a little creativity and smart closet design ideas, you can maximize your closet’s potential and create more storage space for your belongings.

One idea is to add shelves or hanging rods to the closet to make use of vertical space. Additionally, investing in storage boxes or containers can help you keep your clothes organized and prevent them from getting tangled or lost in the back of the closet.

Closet Design Ideas for Bedroom

Closet design ideas for white bedrooms with hanging rods and shelves
Modern white closet designs

As your personal haven, your bedroom should be a space of relaxation and serenity. However, a messy and unorganized closet can jeopardize the calming atmosphere you desire. Fortunately, there are many closet design ideas that can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. One option is to incorporate rods, which provide ample space for hanging clothes, making it easier to find what you need quickly.

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Additionally, implementing walk-in closet ideas can maximize your storage capacity, as you can add shelves, cubbies, and drawers that work seamlessly together to create a coherent design.

Closet Design Ideas Small Space

When it comes to designing a small space closet, it can feel daunting to create a functional and stylish area. However, with the right approach and some clever design ideas, even the tiniest of closets can be transformed into a chic storage space. One alternative to consider is a small walk-in closet with glass doors.

This not only adds an elegant touch to the space but also allows natural light to flow in, creating an illusion of more space. To maximize storage, consider using adjustable shelving or built-in drawers to keep items organized and easy to find.

Closet Design Ideas for Small Closets

Maximizing storage space is essential when it comes to choosing closet design ideas for small closets. While larger walk-in closets may afford more space, smaller closets require more creativity to keep everything organized. Closet storage solutions can vary depending on your needs and preferences.

However, there are many closet ideas that can help you make use of every inch of your closet, from installing custom shelving to adding storage organizers.

Closet Design Ideas With Drawers

When optimizing the closet space, drawers can be an essential addition. From tucking away socks and intimates to organizing shirts and pants, drawers provide extra storage that maximizes the functionality of your closet. Closet design ideas with drawers can range from simple wire shelving built into the structure to more elaborate designs that incorporate closet sliding doors and customized shelving units.

With a professional touch, your closet can become a streamlined and efficient space that brings order to your daily routine.

Master Closet Design Ideas

When designing the perfect closet, whether it’s a hall closet or your very own master closet, there are endless possibilities to elevate your storage and organization. With the right layout and accessories, you can transform your closet into a functional and stylish space.

Consider custom shelving, hanging rods, drawers, and even a built-in ironing board to maximize your space and make getting ready a seamless process. Besides, a well-designed closet can add value to your home and make a positive impact on your daily routine.

Walk in Closet Design Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect walk-in closet. From hanging storage options to custom closet designs, there are various closet organization ideas to consider.

Incorporating racks, drawers, and hanging rods in innovative ways can help keep your clothes neat and organized. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, designing a walk-in closet that meets your specific needs can truly transform the way you get ready each day.

Simple Bedroom Closet Design Ideas

Designing the perfect bedroom closet can be tricky, but with a few simple ideas, you can create a functional and stylish space. One way to maximize storage is by utilizing storage bins to keep your clothing and accessories organized.

Another tip is to make use of the often overlooked wall space by adding shelving or hanging organizers. Don’t forget about shoe storage as well – a designated area for footwear can help save space and keep your closet clutter-free.

Reach in Closet Design Ideas

Walk-in closets tend to get all the attention. But what about reach-in closets? These smaller closets may seem like a design challenge, but with the right storage solutions, they can be just as functional and stylish as their larger counterparts.

The key is to make the most of the space you have. Consider adding shelving and hanging rods at different heights to maximize storage and make it easier to store clothes. You can even incorporate pull-out drawers or baskets for added convenience.

Design of Closet

The perfect design of a closet is crucial for any home, especially when it comes to creating a comfortable and elegant dressing room. The key is to maximize the available space while also keeping it organized and functional. That’s where shelf dividers come in handy – they can help you categorize and find everything you need at a glance.

Design Closet Ideas

Whether you have a big or small space, utilizing every inch is essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating built-in storage solutions. This allows you to maximize the vertical space and create a custom fit for your belongings.

Another feature that is popular in closet design is shoe cubbies. They not only keep your footwear organized, but they can also provide an eye-catching display.

Best Closet Design

Creating the best closet design is crucial to maximizing its functionality and ensuring that it meets your needs. To achieve optimal results, consider incorporating an accent wall that complements the overall style of your space. This will help to create a cohesive look and enhance the visual appeal of your closet.

Further, ample storage is key to keeping your clothes organized and easy to access. Strategically placed shelves and drawers are ideal for keeping folded clothes neat and tidy.

Finally, a freestanding mirror is a must-have accessory in any closet. Not only does it serve a practical purpose, but it can also create the illusion of more space, making your closet feel larger and more inviting.

Designing a Closet System

A well-designed closet system can transform even the most cluttered space into an orderly haven, complete with labeled bins and double rods that make it easy to find and access your favorite pieces. But how do you go about creating such a system? The key is to start with an honest assessment of your wardrobe and storage needs, then use that information to select the right components and layout for your closet.

Closet Organization Design

A well-organized closet can make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. No more frantically searching for that missing shoe or favorite blouse. But what makes a good closet design?

Along with thoughtful consideration of layout and shelving, incorporating elements such as wire baskets and additional storage options can further enhance functionality. And let’s not forget the importance of being able to navigate the space in bare feet.

Best Closet Layout

A professional closet layout should be able to accommodate all the necessary items while keeping everything organized and easily accessible. For instance, displaying shoes can assist in both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Rather than scrambling to find a matching pair, neatly showcasing them can save time.

The same can be said for sports gear. Specific items like helmets, cleats, and pads should be easy to locate, especially for athletes on a tight schedule. When designing a closet, incorporating organizational systems is key to a successful outcome. From top to bottom, every inch of space should have a purpose.

Closet Style

There’s no denying the importance of having a well-organized closet, as it makes getting dressed in the morning a much smoother process. Whether your closet is large or small, there are plenty of design ideas that can help maximize the space and make it both functional and stylish.

From built-in shelving to specialized compartments for hanging items, the key is to find a layout that works best for your needs and lifestyle.

Design a Closet Layout

It’s important to take into consideration the specific needs and preferences of the individual using the space. For a closet that is limited to one wall, it’s important to maximize the vertical space with shelving and hanging options. Incorporating a dressing area can also add an extra level of convenience and luxury.

When it comes to the back wall, utilizing it for built-in drawers and cabinets can create an organized and streamlined look.

Well Organized Closet

A well-organized closet is a crucial element of any organized home. Not only does it provide you with easy access to your clothing and accessories, but it can also help simplify your daily routine and free up valuable time. Achieving an efficient and functional closet requires careful planning and a keen eye for design.

With the help of professional design consultation, you can create a closet that maximizes your space while still accommodating your individual storage needs. From organizing garments to cleverly displaying folded items, a well-thought-out closet will make your life easier while adding a touch of style to your home.

Design Closet Space

Not everyone has the luxury of having a walk-in closet or a large space to work with. However, there is a great alternative to tackle this challenge – built-ins. By incorporating built-ins, the available space can be maximized effectively. A pro organizer can help you come up with the best solution for your closet space, taking into account your specific needs and preferences.

With the right design, you can create a closet that not only looks great but also functions efficiently. Don’t let the lack of space discourage you – with the help of a professional, you can have your dream closet in no time!

How do I plan my closet?

To plan your closet effectively, follow these steps:

Assess your needs: Determine what items you’ll store in the closet (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.).
Measure the space: Take accurate measurements of the closet’s width, height, and depth.
Choose a closet style: Decide on the type of closet layout (walk-in, reach-in, or wardrobe) that suits your needs.
Allocate storage zones: Divide the closet into sections for different categories of items.
Select storage solutions: Pick closet organizers, shelves, racks, and accessories that match your requirements.
Maximize space: Use vertical space, hooks, and other clever solutions to maximize storage.
Consider lighting: Add lighting inside the closet for better visibility.
Organize and maintain: Once the closet is set up, keep it organized by regularly decluttering and reorganizing.

What is a normal size closet design?

Normal closet sizes can vary depending on the type of closet:

Reach-in closet: Typically around 3 to 8 feet wide and 2 to 4 feet deep.

Walk-in closet: Commonly ranges from 4 feet by 4 feet to 10 feet by 10 feet or even larger.

What is the average cost of a custom closet?

The cost of a custom closet can vary widely based on factors like size, design complexity, materials used, and location. On average, a basic custom closet can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. Larger and more elaborate designs with high-end materials can cost $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

What are good closet dimensions?

Good closet dimensions depend on your needs and available space, but here are some general guidelines:

Reach-in closet: 3 to 8 feet wide and 2 to 4 feet deep.

Walk-in closet: At least 4 feet by 4 feet, but larger if possible for more spacious organization.

How can I make my closet look good?

To make your closet look good:

  • Keep it organized and tidy.
  • Use matching hangers for a clean and uniform look.
  • Group similar items together and arrange them by color.
  • Consider using decorative storage boxes or bins.
  • Install proper lighting to make it easier to see and access your items.
  • Add a full-length mirror or a stylish door to enhance the aesthetics.

How do you make a small closet look luxurious?

To make a small closet look luxurious, you can:

  • Use high-quality materials and finishes for shelves and organizers.
  • Incorporate built-in drawers and shoe racks.
  • Install good lighting to create an upscale ambiance.
  • Add a stylish and functional vanity or dressing table if space allows.
  • Use velvet or felt hangers to add a touch of luxury and keep clothes from slipping.

How do you plan a closet organizer?

To plan a closet organizer:

  • Evaluate your storage needs and the items you’ll store in the closet.
  • Measure the closet dimensions accurately.
  • Decide on the type of closet organizer (shelves, rods, drawers, etc.) that suits your needs.
  • Allocate space for different categories of items (e.g., hanging clothes, folded clothes, shoes).
  • Choose a suitable material and design that complements your space.
  • Consider any accessories like hooks, bins, or dividers that can enhance organization.
  • Ensure the organizer is easy to adjust and expand as your needs change.

How much should a closet system cost?

The cost of a closet system can vary widely based on factors like size, materials, complexity, and brand. A basic, off-the-shelf closet system may cost around $100 to $500. Semi-custom systems could range from $500 to $2,000, while fully custom or high-end systems might cost $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

How do you layout a master closet?

For a master closet layout, consider the following:

  • Divide the space into sections for each type of item (clothes, shoes, accessories).
  • Allocate more hanging space for dresses and longer garments.
  • Install adjustable shelves and organizers to accommodate different items.
  • Include a dedicated area for shoes and accessories, such as a shoe rack and jewelry trays.
  • If space allows, consider adding an island or dresser in the center for additional storage.
  • Utilize vertical space with double-hang rods and high shelves.
  • Make sure there’s ample lighting to see all items clearly.

How deep are most closet systems?

Most closet systems have a depth ranging from 12 to 24 inches. The depth depends on the items you plan to store and the available space. Shelves for folded clothes are often around 12 to 16 inches deep while hanging space generally requires a depth of around 24 inches to accommodate hangers.

How do I make my own closet organization?

To make your own closet organization:

  • Measure your closet’s dimensions accurately.
  • Plan the layout, deciding on the type and size of shelves, rods, and other organizers you need.
  • Purchase suitable materials, such as wood boards and closet rods.
  • Install the organizers, ensuring they are level and securely attached to the walls.
  • Customize the setup to fit your specific storage needs.
  • Add any additional accessories like hooks, bins, or dividers to enhance organization.

What is the ideal closet?

The ideal closet is one that suits your needs, fits your available space, and makes it easy to keep your items organized and accessible. It should have adequate hanging space, shelves for folded clothes, designated areas for shoes and accessories, and sufficient lighting. The ideal closet may vary for different individuals based on their storage requirements and personal preferences.

How do you make a perfect closet?

Creating the perfect closet is an art that involves organization, functionality, and personal style. Start by decluttering and removing items you no longer need or wear. Then, categorize your remaining clothes by type — such as shirts, pants, dresses, and jackets. Within these categories, consider further organizing by color or season. Use storage solutions like shelves, bins, and hangers to keep everything neat and easily accessible. For a truly perfect closet, consider your daily routine and organize your wardrobe accordingly so that your most-used items are within easy reach.

How can I make space in my closet?

Making space in your closet can be achieved through a few simple steps. First, declutter your closet by removing items you don’t use or need. This alone can free up significant space. Next, utilize all available spaces, including the back of the door, the floor, and the top shelf. Over-the-door hooks, under-shelf baskets, and multi-tier hangers can maximize your usage of these spaces. Additionally, consider using vacuum-sealed bags for storing out-of-season clothing under the bed or in another storage area. Lastly, regular maintenance and organization will help keep your closet spacious and tidy.

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