The most excellent way to have your custom closet on the best budget! We promise to give you an even better offer if you find a custom closet with the same design and features at a lower price.

We make sure to offer you the best of the best in the market. Just send us the final quote from the other company stating the extra charges (shipping, installation). Please don’t forget to include the technical drawings and closet specifications.

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Price match box 2 | price match guarentee

The quality and construction approach is required to be equivalent to Bienal’s, and the quote must still be applicable at the time of the match. Price match also only applies to the total purchase.

You must request a price match before placing your order with us, and following their payments, orders cannot be matched. Please keep in mind that price match does not apply to flash sales.

Bienal Closets Experience

We appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients about their experience. With nearly 4500+ of our previous clients leaving five-star reviews we are encouraged to continue delivering you with the best of service!
Certified products

Certified Products

We use high-quality materials and craftmanship, and stand behind every system we design and manufacture. Dedication to quality is what drives Bienal Closets, and it’s why our standard for quality is head and shoulders above the rest.
Manufactured in usa

Manufactured in the USA & EU

Once it enters our system, your order will be tailor-made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA & EU. None of our products is flat-pack, all of the raw materials are cut down to precisely fit your room, with headboards or stools being made-to-order by skilled upholsterers. Everything is quality checked from start to finish.
Free design consultation

Free Design Consultation

Your Design Consultant will come to you, bringing samples of drawers, handles and fabrics. They’ll look at your room to see how to best maximise space; create a personal, hand drawn illustration; help you choose the best interior storage options for you; and give you an accurate quote – with no pressure to buy.
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Different Color Options

With any project, there is a multitude of 70+ different finish and endless RAL color lacquer options available in order achieve the desired look of your custom cabinetry.
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Fast Delivery

Our delivery team will come to your home with all the raw materials on a date agreed with you - usually the day before installation commences, your installer ensures that they have everything they need when they arrive the next day.
Professional installation 1 | price match guarentee

Professional Installation

Our specially trained and highly skilled installer will expertly cut and fit the furniture into your room, working around any features that you have, scribing around the contours of your walls and ceilings, to create a perfect, seamless fit. All Bienal Closets installers are monitored and quality checked from start to finish.

What happens on a design visit?


Meet skilled and trained Bienal Designers at the comfort of your own home.

After the Designers get a sense of your space and lifestyle, you will be given the finest consultation completely be spoken to suit your lifestyle and personal choice.

With Bienal Closets, you will be provided with solutions to all your concerns, customize your space to your needs, and have a beautiful looking closet.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive quality product and service at a great rate exclusively for this month. *Available on all orders of 2,000$ or above.

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Connect with us if you’re in the need to enhance your storage space. Call us and we can set up an ‘In-Home Consultation’ where our design consultants come meet you at your home or a ‘Virtual Consultation’ where we meet you online to discuss any design queries you may have on how to improve your current space into a more efficient and elegant area.