Elevate Your Home with a Stylish and Practical Storage Bench


They are versatile and decorative two in one. Whether reading, resting or taking off your shoes in the hall, benches are an ally at home. If you also plan them with interior space, you can save and unload the storage of the cabinets. From adding style to your hallway to creating extra seating for a dinner party – benches offer endless possibilities! They’re versatile in design and practical enough to fit any space. Benches are the perfect finishing touch that can turn an ordinary house into a loving home. Indeed, you will find good ideas for your home among all the proposals we have gathered.

Bench in a room
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 8

How to Decorate a Wooden Bench

To maximize the comfort of the bench, whether or not it has storage, it is best to add a mattress and as many cushions as its length allows. Remember to choose a color range that harmonizes with the interior design to create a relaxed space. 

Cushions, Plaids, and Blankets

The cushions will make your stay, reading, or resting much more pleasant. To give a warm touch, use plaids and blankets. You could even hang them on the wall behind the bench to create a cozy atmosphere!

Rugs and Carpets

In addition to offering thermal comfort, carpets are decorative elements that can be combined with textures, prints, and colors that will give your bench a personal touch.

Vases and Decorative Objects

Choose a basket or storage box to store books, magazines, or toys. You can also place decorative objects such as vases, candles, or figurines on the shelf to accentuate your decorating style.

Open shelved bench
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 9

Very Spacious Bench With Storage Under the Window

Create beautiful and inviting spaces in your home with a window bench. Its streamlined design makes it the perfect complement for any room, as its unobtrusive silhouette won’t block incoming sunlight as furniture would. Incorporating one into your space can elevate it to new heights – bring life indoors by placing plants on top of it or setting up a comfy reading nook beneath your windowsill! To add extra coziness, layer large pillows and an ultra-soft blanket over the seat – you’ll never want to leave this dreamy spot again!

Sofa with benches
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 10

The “L” Bench Takes Advantage of the Space

On many occasions, square meters are scarce, and knowing how to take advantage of them is vital. The white color also visually expands the space. This bench is a great storage solution for any home. Its unique “L” shaped design allows it to fit in corners or other tight spaces, making the most of every square inch of your home. Benches generally have two shelves and a benchtop, giving you plenty of space to store books, toys, towels, linens, and more. The benches for the dining table are great if you are looking for style and storage ideas.

Modern bench
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 11

A Bench in the Hall for the Whole Family

Transform an overcrowded living space and give your hallway a much-needed pick-me-up with the addition of a stylish bench. It’s perfect for dropping off bags, putting on shoes, or displaying seasonal decorations and accessories; plus, if you can find one that includes shelves or storage – even better! Add some cozy cushions to tie it into your existing décor and make taking those first steps out in the morning just as inviting– problem solved!

Bench With Removable Drawers

When it comes to benches with storage, the removable drawers are very comfortable, since they allow you to store and remove things more easily and without having to spend so much time bending over. Your back will thank you!

Bench With Custom Storage

Transform your space with this sturdy bench. Featuring hidden storage options in the form of wooden crates beneath the seat, it’s perfect for keeping items out of sight and making a long-lasting impression in any room! To be worth investing in a custom piece of furniture, it must be about 120 cm wide (so that two people can sit comfortably). It will be more practical if the bench seat is raised, so you can store inside. For this, it is important that the lid is reinforced and the hinges are resistant.

White hallway storage bench
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 12

What if You Build a Bench in the Dressing Room?

A bench in the dressing room can provide an efficient storage solution and a convenient place to sit while getting ready. Installing a bench is relatively straightforward and will add value to any dressing room. A bench can be used for storage, seating, or both. Depending on your layout, you may decide to get a bench with drawers or shelves underneath for storing items that you’d like to keep out of sight.

Alternatively, you can opt for a bench with an upholstered top for extra comfort and style. If you have the space, adding a bench in your dressing room is an easy way to add storage, seating, and style to any space.

Regardless of your dressing room, it sure never hurts to gain storage space, right? You will achieve this by building a bench with doors or drawers where you can store your collection of larger bags. If you decorate the top shelf with cushions and a mattress, it will also become a perfect corner to disconnect. 

Living Room Furniture-bench

If you’re looking for living room bench ideas, there are plenty to choose from. Benches can be used as standalone seating in the living room or as part of a larger seating arrangement. Wooden benches with padded tops add softness and visual interest to any space. If storage is a priority, consider an ottoman bench with a lift-top storage compartment or a bench with built-in drawers.

For something more modern and eye-catching, you might opt for an acrylic bench—it’s sure to be the center of attention in any room! Whatever bench style you decide on, will add an inviting touch to your living room. Instead of placing the typical base unit, choose a model that can be transformed into a bench with cushions or mats. There is room for everyone. And below, to save what you want …

Wooden Benches With Storage and Folding Doors

Another option to set up a bench with storage, for example, in the hall, is choosing a piece of furniture with hinged doors. Adding a bench with storage and folding doors is an easy way to add style, storage, and convenience to any room. Wooden benches are sturdy and can be painted in any color or stained to match the existing décor. Folding doors create an extra level of privacy while allowing you to easily access stored items. Whether you choose a bench with drawers or shelves, it will provide a great storage option while still looking chic.

Dining room bench
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 13

Put a Bench With Storage in the Dining Room

Three people can fit on a bench in the space occupied by two chairs. That is why it is the best option when you want to multiply the seats without losing an inch. In addition, a bench can easily lean against the wall, while a chair cannot since you need a few centimeters free around it to be able to get in and out without having to juggle. To avoid interfering with the passage of light, the height of the backrest does not exceed 100 cm. Have you made a note of all the tips? 

Multipurpose Bench to Always Keep in Order

Those who are passionate about reading never have enough space to store all the books they accumulate. Keep your storage space neat and organized with a multipurpose storage bench. These storage bench ideas are perfect for any room, from the bedroom to the entryway. They come in various styles and can be used as seating, storage, or both. You can find storage benches with cubbies and shelves for books and other items.

A storage bench will not only provide additional storage but can also act as an extra seating option when needed. Whatever style you choose, it will be sure to keep your space neat and organized.

Bedroom bench
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 14

Bedroom Bench: a Classic

Your bedroom reflects who you are and how to start your day. Elevate any space by creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere with the perfect bench for sitting and organizing clothes or shoes in anticipation of tomorrow’s outfit. With modern designs ranging from traditional wood frame benches to sophisticated velvet tufting, find furniture tailored specifically for home décor that sets off each room’s unique character – making it both a stylish and functional piece of art.

The benches for the bedroom are classic and capable of endowing rooms with elegance. If they also have built-in storage, you will have an ideal space to store blankets and plaids at the foot of the bed.

Modern bench in a living room
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 15

Dress the Bench to Match the Textiles

If you don’t want to plan a custom bench, a good alternative is a trunk. Made of wood or wicker, it acts as a bench and a makeshift wardrobe since it allows you to store inside everything that you do not want to have in view in the living room. 

Complete the look of your multipurpose storage bench with a selection of textiles. Dress up your bench with throws, pillows, and other decorative pieces for a cozy and inviting space. Choose fabrics that complement the existing décor in the room to create a cohesive look. With just a few simple changes, you can turn an ordinary storage bench into a stylish and functional piece of furniture.

Comfortable and Capable Bench

Add a comfortable and capable bench to any room in your home with this stylish seating option. Benches are versatile pieces of furniture that can be used for practically any purpose, from extra seating to storage.

Choose from a wide selection of styles, sizes, and materials to find the perfect bench for your space. Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden bench or a modern upholstered style, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect bench for any room in your home.

Bench and Trunk, Two in One

Bring extra storage and seating to any room with a bench and trunk combo. This style of bench is perfect for bedrooms, entryways, and living rooms. The top of the bench can be used as additional seating while the trunk provides ample storage space. Choose from a variety of materials, including wood and leather, to find the perfect look for your room. A bench and trunk combo is the perfect way to add extra storage, seating, and style all in one.

Whatever type of bench you choose for your home, it’s sure to be a great addition to any space. With so many options available, it’s easy to find something that will fit your needs perfectly.

Living room bench for storage
Elevate your home with a stylish and practical storage bench 16

Bench With Modular Furniture

In today’s home décor, modular furniture is gaining in popularity. Benches are a great way to take advantage of this trend and make the most of your space. Modular benches can be arranged in different configurations, making them a versatile option for any room. You could create a cozy seating area with two or three benches pushed together or use them to divide up a larger room into separate spaces.

For added convenience, opt for benches with built-in storage compartments—they make it easy to store items like throw pillows and blankets while keeping your living space clutter-free.

Modular furniture allows you to create pieces adapted to the space and your needs at a cheaper price than if you make them measure. To get it right, combine modules of different sizes on the paper until you get the best composition. The result is a custom bench able to store at ground level and on one side.

Storage Benches for Every Room

Give your space the enviable look and feel of sleek, modern style while introducing improved function with our collection of storage benches. Artisan-crafted from a variety of high-quality materials like wood, steel, fabric, or leather – no matter which bench you choose for your home, it will serve as an attractive focal point as well as be highly useful in every corner you place them!

Bench as a Relaxing Space in the Bedroom

Do you like to read in the bedroom, but you always end up falling asleep? Instead of doing it in bed, try setting up a bench under the window and equip it with storage spaces to promote order in the bedroom. A bench can be a great addition to a bedroom as a relaxing space. It can provide a comfortable place to sit and get ready in the morning or a spot to put on shoes and other clothing items.

A bench can also serve as a place to rest and unwind at the end of the day. With the addition of throw pillows and blankets, it can become a cozy spot to curl up and read or watch TV. In addition to its practical uses, a bench can also add a decorative touch to the bedroom, helping to create a cohesive look and feel. Overall, a bench can be a useful and stylish addition to any bedroom.

Green storage cabinets
Green storage cabinets

Do You Have a Corner?

Well, you have a treasure. Not only does it fit great and is super practical, but the corner bench solution also adds extra storage space. If you find yourself wondering what to do with a corner of your home, why not try installing a corner bench? Corner benches are a great way to make use of corners that would otherwise be left unused. They provide extra seating for guests and offer an alternative storage solution compared to traditional furniture pieces.

Plus, they come in stylish designs that can add a touch of elegance to any room. Whether you choose an upholstered bench for added comfort or an open-shelved model for extra storage, a corner bench is sure to be the perfect addition to your home.

Can you sit on a storage bench?

Yes. Storage benches are the ideal furnishing for a modern lifestyle – these multi-functional pieces offer both practical storage and stylish seating in one compact form. With plenty of space underneath to stash shoes, toys, or accessories while keeping any room neat and tidy, they’re an attractive addition that gives houses more than just good looks!

What do you call a seat with storage?

Ottomans are the ultimate multi-purpose furniture piece – they can serve as a low couch, a footstool, an occasional chair, or even storage furniture! Upholstered and cushioned for comfort, ottomans boast hidden interior compartments where you can stash away all your odds and ends.

Where should a bench be placed in a house?

Benches are the most underrated pieces of seating furniture. They don’t usually grab your attention when you walk into a room, but these lowly seats can be some of the most practical for any home!

What do you put in a storage bench?

The perfect place for storing all your bedding is a bedroom storage bench! It’s not just blankets and pillows either; you can also store sheets. The design of this handy piece allows it to be used as a headboard or footrest when required, so there are no worries about running out of space in any which way. A bench with drawers and cubbies keeps extra blankets, sheets, pillows, or other bedding neatly tucked away.

What is a bench with storage called?

The cabinet storage bench offers a practical solution for organizing your living spaces. It has the same features as cubby-type furniture, like easy access to stored items through its front surface, but it also provides an added layer of privacy with cupboard doors that can hide away any unsightly messes.

What is the cost of a bench?

If you’re looking for an economical built-in seating option, a bench is the way to go. An uncomplicated and small bench can cost as low as $100-$500 – perfect if your budget is tight but stylish yet comfortable space!

Can I put a bench in my living room?

From increasing seating capacity to providing a storage solution, the living room bench is an incredibly versatile and functional piece of furniture. Not only can it be used as a professional seating area or display cabinet, but it also has countless additional purposes that are limited only by your imagination!

Where should a bench be placed in the living room?

Give your home a warm welcome with an inviting entryway bench. Add sophistication to the bedroom by placing a stylish end-of-bed seat, or use one as an unexpected dining room table accent piece for guests to admire! Brighten up any hallway, provide extra seating behind the sofa in rooms of all sizes and even turn it into its own unique coffee table – make sure there’s enough space below that window so you can enjoy both natural light and comfy comfort anytime.

What size is a 2 seater bench?

Whether you plan on hosting two or four people, the width of a standard bench seat may drastically differ. A typical bench designed for two individuals is approximately 42-52 inches wide; if seating three persons, it usually measures around 53-80 inches in breadth. Anything above 80 inches can comfortably fit at least four guests.

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